"This is the most valuable dollar you will ever spend"
Mindvalley Membership

"This is the most valuable dollar you will ever spend"

Before coming to Mindvalley I was broken, broke, broken up with, uninspired, in the middle of a health crisis and was over with how my life was. 

Mindvalley was there when I felt utterly alone. 

After Mindvalley I was inspired to take charge of my own health, heal myself, break bad relationship patterns, learn to fall in love with myself, find my voice, create wealth, make friends and have the courage to start my own coaching company. 

I will forever be grateful for this platform for providing an avenue of growth during my breakdown so that I may create beautiful destruction. 

This is the most valuable dollar you will ever spend. Do not hesitate to get this membership. 

I have now taken Quantum Health, Mastery of Breath, Energy medicine, Personal Mastery, Duality, Money EQ, Speak and Inspire, Lifebook and Conscious Uncoupling. I can't wait to complete more. Please get this membership for yourself. It is time to put you first!

Cassidy Chapman

Self-Healing Coach

Andover, United States

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Mindvalley Membership

"Magic is truly happening"

I have taken, Wildfit, Superbrain - memory, Silva Ultramind system, Six Phase meditation and I am just beginning Be Extraordinary, I was happy with my life, working in a fulfilled manner, doing meditation but wanted to learn more and faster, be fitter and be a better healer of others...
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Linda Moxley-Haegert

Clinical psychologist and narrative therapist

Montreal, Canada

Mindvalley Membership

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Well, I started Mindvalley with Maris Peer's Uncompromised Life; which proved itself the biggest breakthrough I've ever had in order to reconstruct my subconscious. You see I've always been interested in upgrading my cognitive functioning and was really sad, disappointed that nothing seemed to...
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Zita Zambo


Poole, United Kingdom

Mindvalley Membership

"I enrolled in Mindvalley in December last year, when Vishen launched the most exciting thing EVER: Quest, All Access."

The sheer value gained from every episode of any Quest I've taken so far, and the Mentoring too, have built my momentum to the point I now do 2 episodes AND THE TASKS for at least one Quest, every single day. Consistency used to be the bane of my life. MindValley has helped me shift...
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James Goodhew

CEO, Dream Co Creators

Norwich, United Kingdom

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