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"I am very grateful for following my intuition and guidance"

Prior to taking this course I knew that I followed my intuition, for the most part. At times I did question. Nevertheless the week we were working on intuition I had amazing guidance. While unpacking my groceries I had this strong desire to leave my unpacked groceries and shred three s...
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Marguerite Mantha

The Happiness Coach

Newmarket, Canada


"Now my mind is in a good valley"

Before the program, I was lost in infinite possibilities. Not many shadows to feel now my mind is in a good valley. I have a unique personality, It's not like a know it all personality, more like a love to know it all. Thanks mind valley. Namaste
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Scott Lowe

Master Reiki/Poet

Tyler, United States


"I am excited to learn more about it from Jeffrey and do the work myself with more confidence and belief"

Before this program I believed in energy work and have experienced the miracle of it. I am excited to learn more about it from Jeffrey and do the work myself with more confidence and belief.
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Retired Teacher, Wildlife Rehabilitator

Steamboat Springs, United States

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"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as I know how energy works...

Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom

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"Jeffrey Allen is a phenomenal teacher"

This Journey was a beautiful experience and deepened my relationship with myself and this is already generating out to others. I am 79 years old and have been through a 20 year quest that continues. Jeffrey Allen is a phenomenal teacher. It feels simplistic in the beginning- but it is N...
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Judy Enteen

Yoga teacher, grandmother, shamanic work, organizer , Attunement, Phoenix Rising Practioner

Mevasseret j, Israel


"I intuitively know this energy program will be rich for me and I can spread coherence around"

I am an 81 year healthy woman who is involved with many social justice activities, teach people how to listen and accept differences. I am a mother, wife, powerlifter, and love learning. I am involved with a few spiritual groups, help with a food bank, enjoy friendships, reading, stayi...
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Psychotherapist and Spiritual Guide

Levittown, United States


"The healing and grounding exercises have helped me overcome challenges in my personal and professional life"

I have always been fascinated by the concepts of energy healing and aura reading but quite havent had the chance to learn them. My first experience with energy was in a masterclass with Jeffrey. During his guided meditation I sensed holding an energy ball in my hand and that experience si...
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Computer Science Teacher

Malé, Maldives


"This Quest was transformative in ways I never expected"

The energy context that Jeffrey Allen explains boundaries completely changed my relationships with myself and others. I was finally able to consciously set my boundaries and maintain my seniority within them. I am able to clear pictures and beliefs that do not serve me...
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Sharon Sessions

Physics Professor & Director of Outreach, New Mexico Tech

Socorro, NM, United States


"My life seems to be flowing effortlessly since Duality training...kind of mind-blowing actually"

This course has given me solid everyday tools to use to become my best version of me. It has greatly improved my energy level as I feel like I need less sleep now, I feel more confident and empowered...
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Carol Dauphinee

Registered Nurse

Dominion, Canada


"This is such a wonderful course for all humanity and is a perfect way to learn how to know and love yourself more"

I am able to clearly see that I had old belief systems that were blurring my vision and have been able to remove them and clear a path that is more loving and joyful for myself and my family...
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Natalie L

Mom/ Writer/ Meditation Teacher

Weston, United States


"I could get more clear on the practices"

Thanks to this program. Though I was practicing Energy Healing, Jeffrey Allen's Duality course gave a deeper meaning and insights to it. I could get more clear on the practices. I just started loving to work with Energy even more. Thank you so much Mindvalley. It's a great effort that the...
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Anu Singh

Coach and Psychic Healer

Thane, India


" I feel very empowered and have more confidence also as a result of this course"

I met the love of my life whilst doing this course and I can see now why we have finally gravitated together on the same energetic vibration. Thank you Jeffrey...
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Natalie Taylor

Aloha Health & Wellness

Port Macquarie, Australia


”Thanks to the Duality program I have been able to connect and be present in my body...”

Thanks to the Duality program I have been able to connect and be present in my body, I feel more vitality, I have learned to love myself, forgive myself, I have been able to reactivate my Intuition and be aware of the growth processes that are not as bad as we see them.
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Ingrid Triballeau

Nantes, United States


Duality with Jeffrey Allen

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