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"My awareness has increased and I feel filled with grace and gratitude"

I am very sensitive and I had learned already about energy and worked a lot with it. Nevertheless often I was afraid to meet people because I didn't want to be enmeshed or even becoming lost in their energy field. The tool with the permission rose has liberated me. I have even provoced...
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Renate Stollenwerk

Artist, Poet, Shamanic Healer, Human Design Analyst, Astrolger

Chania, Greece


"I’m not at all disappointed that I took the course"

I’m not at all disappointed that I took the course. It was well designed and interesting. But I certainly had no breakthroughs or any noticeable change of any description and it was hard to stay motivated when hearing all these stories of other people finding it amazing and getting amazin...
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Alexandra Coghlan


Gold Coast, Australia


"This training has opened my mind to so many possibilities"

My life has been transformed thanks to the Duality programme. I spend an hour every morning doing my energy practice and meditation and emerge out of it feeling at peace, radiant and full of love. This training has opened my mind to so many possibilities and helped me build a stronger bas...
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Sonia Singh

Managing Partner

New Delhi, India

Featured Duality Story

"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as I know how energy works...

Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom

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"It has been truly fantastic and I want to thank Jefrey very much"

It has been been truly fantastic and I want to thank Jefrey very much, its all incredibly valuable!
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Christie Layda

founder & owner LAYDA b

Zurich, Switzerland


"I was really surprised by the high quality of the content"

I was really surprised by the high quality of the content, the sweetness and yet deep impact from Jeffrey and the amazingly easy it was to follow. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the program. I learned so many things that is not easy to list them
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Owner / Managing Director

Mexico City, Mexico


"It's a beautiful feeling of integrity, of a harmonious flow of energy in my life"

Hi everybody😊❤️ I am fulfilled with deep gratitude from my Heart towards Jeffrey Allen, Mindvalley and everybody involved in my journey. This program is profoundly changing my life. I feel complete calm and being in the centre of Love, in the centre of my Heart when I hear Jeffrey's v...
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Laura Singh

right now: care taker of my family😊, later: also, plus: book writer, inspirational guide (especially spiritual😊)

Lille, France


"Jeffery's calm and authentic teaching style is like a salve on the wounds of my old story, helping me develop the tools needed to heal myself"

Living through a divorce during a pandemic while caregiving for my 89 year old father alone was more than I could bear. As an autistic woman newly sober I was struggling to find my true self. The political climate in the US didn't help. The Duality program and Jeffery's teachings broug...
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Caat Bain


Nevada City, United States


"It also helped me meditate with ease! Incredible ease!"

Before this program I struggled to fully understand and implement practice of meditation. I felt something was missing. The missing link turned out to be deep understanding of energy. Duality course not only gave me the deep understanding of energy, energy flow, higher self, spirit, gui...
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Barrie, Canada


"I love the way Jeffery shares the tools and knowledge he has"

This definitely is a course I would recommend to anyone wanting to develop further in any manner - be it a newbie to energy work or somebody with experience. The weekly zoom connect was a definite asset to the course...
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Rallou Acland

Healer wannabe

Royston, United Kingdom


"Endlessly thankful for the way to connect with my spiritual guides and team and higher self"

My top 3 takeaways or insights during/after finishing this Quest are... 1. The importance and simplicity of clearing old and stuck energy and pictures that don’t serve anymore. 2. The rise in quality of meditation due to the positioning of the awareness… Wow!! 3. Endlessly thankf...
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Deniz Akman


Munich, Germany


"I am feeling better every day"

I am 58 started my journey of finding me and getting heathy and more fit after my husband had open heart surgery. I am feeling better everyday and need and want to continue to grow physically emotionally as I get older.
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Laurie Blake

School bus driver. Moose tour driver

Berlin, United States


"I now have tools"

Before this class, Duality, I did not know what tools to use to allow my life to more easily flow. I now have those tools. “Practice, practice...”
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Elaine Brown

Adjunct Artist Flute Instructor

Liberty, United States


Duality with Jeffrey Allen

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