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"This course improved my relationships to all, starting from strangers to close people"

I recommend this course to all who want to know what lies beyond our everyday life and who senses that there is something more. I felt great support from the community and I can not thank enough...
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Tamar Zakareishvili

PhD student in Physics

Tbilisi, Georgia


"I have designed a business plan, decided to become self-employed, and am working out how to put my plans into action"

Shortly after my Partner passed away in January, I found myself in Lockdown! Unable to shop for materials to make new clothes, or paint for a kitchen make-over, I began reusing the almond milk cartons as plant pots for cultivating butternut squash from seeds in a recent purchase for makin...
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Denise Bolton-Bottermann

Active Retired

Pedreguer, Spain


"I have learned how to set boundaries energetically, give their permission to be themselves"

I am more grounded and focussed and I do feel safe and calm in all situations. Thanks, Jeffery Allen and Mindvalley for all that you do to empower people to be the better versions of themselves...
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Joan Munroe

self employed

Queens, United States

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"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as I know how energy works...

Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom

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"I sincerely thank Jeffrey for leading me down this path of self-discovery and centeredness"

This course Duality more than delivered, not only answering my initial questions but helping me to discover a whole new world of energy and connection to the Universe that is limitless...
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Julie H.

Energy Healer / Health

Springfield, United States


"Now I am deciding I want, need and desire to direct my future"

Before this program I have seen numerous changes, challenges and stumbles which brought me to Mindvalley approximately 3 years ago. Meditation and other healing modalities has waved in and out of my life for the past 25 years, never dedicating myself to a solid practice. I have seen what...
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Dawn Rodriguez

Working to serve others with their grocery purchases...

RNCHO CORDOVA, United States


"I have sensed that I have a mission to accomplish regarding spreading the Truth about Life"

At 69 years young I am about to embark on a new career. Since reading, Conversations with God, a few years ago, I have sensed that I have a mission to accomplish regarding spreading the Truth about Life. I started studying with Mindvalley during Lockdown and soon realised that this is my...
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Denise Bolton-Bottermann

Active Retired - President of two associations: Charity Shop; Community of Owners.

Denia, Spain


"I’ve already felt emotional relief & release"

I’ve not finished the prigram but before I started the program I did had given thought to my outside world versus inside. I hadn’t understood about grounding in an energy perspective. With Jeffrey Allen’s early meditations I’ve already felt emotional relief & release. I feel like some tox...
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Susan Steinhardt

Coach, Entrepreneur

Brooklyn, United States


"Awareness has increased"

Before this program i did not know a practical way To be present. With grounding it works Awareness has increased and the daily practice with Jeffrey ' s helps a lot Thanks Jeffrey, for the way you produce words and make yourself completely Present any time i click on your videos You...
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Alicia Ivanow

Teacher of English

Premia De Dalt - (Barcelona), Spain


"I look forward to developing and expanding myself healing growth for the betterment of others"

For years I have been searching for communities that could enhance validate and educate further for me to become the best person I can and to inspires others to do the same at time when I have been talking giving support throughout my life I always felt it was a download from a higher sou...
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Surin kumari

Clinical Nurse Leader Pediatric/Cardic Intensive Care

Doha, Qatar


"I have just begun my Duality journey today and am feeling so energised"

I have just begun my Duality journey today and am feeling so energised, like I had an energy shower! I am looking forward to being guided by Jeffrey!
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Mita Nangia Goswami

Internationa Expert - Education for Sustainable Development, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Ulan Bator, Mongolia


"Now I can use these techniques and help others to use theirs"

Before this program, I knew i had abilities, but I did not know how to tap into them. Through Jeffrey Allen's Duality, I learned to channel earth, cosmos and sun energy, pull energy bundles from injuries and illnesses both physically and remotely and heal. I learned to clear my chakras an...
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Sandra Harris-Gompf

SpEd/English Teacher

Winston, United States


"I took this class because I am always learning to fine-tune my art"

Hi i am jean michel, form mauritius island. I took this class after watching the master class as it resonate with what i do in my life. I am a yoga teacher, reiki master and other healing modalities. I took this class because i am always learn to fine tune my art, the better i am the be...
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jean michel augustin


grand port, Mauritius


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