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"It felt that some things opened up in me and I felt the energetic shift"

I've commenced this program while I was off work, taking time out to heal myself after a trauma in the workplace. I was lost and confused about my next steps in my career. I did not want to go back to my previous role. In week six of the course I had a breakthrough during one of the exer...
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Self employed

Melbourne, Australia


"My relationships have improved, along with my sense of well-being and self-esteem"

The course while introducing many tools around grounding, chakras, auras and even spirit guides, isn’t something I would have ever seen myself drawn to. Yet was the best gift I could have ever received. Yes you will learn about these things, yes you may have a number of your beliefs challenged...
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Kay Maddock

Student of Energy

South Bend, United States


"Even after the first day I can feel the flow of energy moving through me"

Before this program I was a Reiki Master. I haven't done it for a long time though. I'm excited about this course and looking forward to getting back on track. Even after the first day I can feel the flow of energy moving through me.
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Managing Partner/Manufacturers Agency

Calgary, Canada

Featured Duality Story

"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as I know how energy works...

Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom

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IT WAS A BIRTHDAY GIFT WHICH WITH JEFFREY ALLEN'S DUALITY BECAME THOUSAND TIMES GREATER! My husband gathered my dearest friends who gave the course to me as a gift. As a down to earth person who also loves to spiritually travel ‘far and beyond’, I always wondered how I can connect two wo...
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Entrepreneur | Media Consultant

Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia


"I became more conscious, I am smiling a lot and see the small beauties of the world"

I am very glad to find Jeffrey's courses. Last year the Unlocking Transcence and this year the Duality course brought a lot of changes in my life. Jeffrey showed me how to use the energy, how many opportunities can be which I can't imagine. He showed me that the imagination is more import...
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Márta Nágel-Fischer

landscape architect

Győr, Hungary


"This program was exactly what I needed and came to me when I needed it most"

Jeffrey has completely changed my life with this course. I was on my knees worn down and broken. DUALITY has given me back control, hope and reconnected me with to myself and my self worth. This programme was exactly what I needed and came to me when I needed it most. I will repeat the l...
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Nicola  Bebb

PA and equine behaviourist

Richmond, United Kingdom


"Very excited to start the Duality project classes"

I've done lots of exploration in the metaphysical space and it keeps getting more and more rewarding over the years. A friend and I meet weekly to discuss Mindvalley and other topics. Very excited to start the Duality project classes. The topics of focus and energy are the next steps...
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Susanne Andrey


Laguna Beach, United States


"My energy awareness has grown a lot in these eight weeks"

Thank you very much Vishen, Jeffrey and all the mindvalley team for putting together this quest. My energy awareness has grown a lot in this eight weeks. Now I know I can reach out to a wonderful support team of spirit guides I have with me. I can clear old pictures without being upset an...
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Marie Elise Casares

Civil engineer

Quito, Ecuador


"It was a life-changing investment & so worth it!"

My life prior to taking the Duality program with Jeffrey Allen, left me feeling anxious, unclear and insecure. My whole world had changed, after losing both my jobs, and receiving many rejections, not to mention having a family to feed somehow. I was looking for answers to navigate my new...
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Teacher, & CEO of Bust Academics

Edmonton, Canada


"Now I ground people and places as things appear out of control and I do notice a sense of calm"

The best lesson I learned was grounding from Jeffrey Allen. I teach meditations and I had a live session on. A dog started barking incessantly, I was able to ground it in a live audience. It was amazing! I am attaching a video in my profile so you can watch it yourself. I had no idea y...
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Afsheen Alam

Ray of Sunshine Owner

Buffalo Grove, United States


"I hope I can find a connection with this work and with the support of others"

Hello, my name is Linda Bridge. I live in The US in NJ but will be moving to Fla. in the fall. So my time zone is est. I have been searching for many years to find a way to love myself more. I am blessed in life with beautiful children and grand children a loving partner and many friends....
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Retired electrician

Dunedin, United States


" I have applied for jobs I couldn't imagine before, and I'm going to be interviewed this following week"

I have had a lot of new ideas for a business I'm thinking of, and I'm going to make a new App from an idea I have had for a few months. I might add that I'm a skeptical person, but duality training has helped on so many levels...
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Lotta Larsson

Personal assistant

Båstad, Sweden


Duality with Jeffrey Allen

Dubbed as the "Healer's Healer", Jeffrey Allen has counseled thousands of private clients around the world and reached 100,000s of students through online spiritual training. Transcend your physical body and awaken your spiritual energy for life-changing success with Duality, one of the highest rated programs in Mindvalley.
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