“I was amazed by how easy it was”

In this video, Deanna shares the biggest aha moments during her journey through the Duality course and the story about how she discovered and cleared her biggest energy block – which was a HUGE surprise for her.

Deanna Cobden

Dating & Relationship Coach

United States

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"I have made major strides in opening up to myself and feel my energy"

I have made major strides in opening up to myself and feel my energy, yet I know that I can tap into this more deeply and use this to serve our world better - the people and the natural systems that we are all part of and rely upon. I am glad to have found out about this Duality quest...
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Christina Sloop

Science Advisor to the Director of the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Sacramento, United States


"I believed this class will bring it all together"

I do believe there is so much more to life. But not knowing how to break through I feel so close. I know a little about a lot of great stuff. I believed this class will bring it all together.
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Angela Giusto

Payroll Specialist/The Seeing Eye

Livingston, United States


"Vitality. Joy. Spirituality"

Raised in catholic culture soaked with blame, shame & hypocrisy. Clairvoyance traits through my youth. Guided into a spiritual world. Death. Love. Travels. Marriage. Friends. Disappointments. Children. Social abandonment. Sleepless nights. Hard work. Exhaustion. More work. Forgetting passions. He...
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Sylwia Stevens

Illustrator, Designer, Photographer

Hillsborough, United States

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