“It increased my energy”

Dianne shares about how she learned about various energy self-care tools from Duality and how it helped increase her capacity to feel and project energy. She says it has even helped her household plants grow better.

Dianne Campbell

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"I'm looking to improve my communication with the energetic world, and to grow in that realm"

I always considered myself as "energy blind". I believed in energy, only it was something I didn't have access to. I sought people who did, and was successful in finding them. I accepted I had certain skills, and energy just wasn't one of them. Several years ago, a therapist I went to,...
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Ofer Ziv

Counselor, Ofer Ziv, LCSW

Buffalo, United States


"I am forever grateful"

I used Jeffrey’s energy work to change the course of an international news story. I’d done Duality for just a couple of weeks when my cousin was murdered in the Dominican Republic. I’m not much of a woo-woo girl, but I swear she came to me that night. With motherly energy, she stroked m...
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Adrianne Machina

Owner, Tornado Marketing

Madison, WI, United States


"I'm so excited"

I'm totally new to this program. I'm so excited. I've always believed in energy, the universe, law of attraction etc.. but recently mi dad died, my mom got sick an I ended a relationship which was hurting me so much but Was so difficult to leave. With all these circumstances I felt like my ...
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Patricia Rodriguez Castillo

Makeup artist

Puebla, Mexico

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