"In a period of 3 days my life changed radically"

"In a period of 3 days my life changed radically"

A little over 8-weeks ago I'm sitting at home, alone and feeling how the world around me is crashing down one email after another. Every event, contract and plan I had for the year are canceled due to the outbreak of COVID19. That Saturday morning, I'm doing my daily priming and in the middle part I'm to feel the energy come in from above, through my the top of my head, down my body and down the Earth. This part always feels complicated to me, I don't get it, but this time, I suddenly get an intense feeling of my passed away grandmother telling me I'm not alone, she is with me and has always been, and I start crying uncontrollably and curl up like a baby on the sofa. I cannot understand or explain what is happening. When I finish, I remember I had asked for help the night before, right out in the air. I had said I felt alone, and I didn't know what to do. I had asked why am I here, who am I. The day after this is happening, I'm sensing something special is due. I stand up and walk up to the table to pick up my phone and I see it's downloading updates, it's currently at 444/764. Again, I tingle tells me there is something with the triple 4, so I google it as see the meaning; my ancestors are trying to communicate with me. I get the chills. Next morning, just as I'm about to do the priming, there is a youtube ad before the Priming video, it's an ad from Mindvalley with Vishen and Jeffrey talking, and the words by Jeffrey strikes me like lightning, "Abundance is all around you, the universe wants you to succeed and your problem isn't that you cannot find the answers, the problem is that you don't know how to receive them." BAAAM, the rest is history. I enroll in the free masterclass, then I sign up for the Duality course, which is "coincidently", starting that Monday. In a period of 3 days my life changed radically, I thought, but now, after I have met a woman I'm in a relationship with, I have 2 new mentors, 1 new team member, and 3 new collaborators, all happening during the COVIC19 quarantine in Barcelona. Eight weeks ago I sat at home feeling lonely, single and seeing all my future plans crumble. Do I need to say that this program, the tools, and the way Jeffrey taught it made me go through the COVID19 quarantine in Barcelona Spain with a BANG, me changing my life radically towards the better :)?

Erik Eklund

Founder, International Speaker & Leadership Coach

Barcelona, Spain

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