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Unlimited Abundance

"By August 2019 I became a millionaire"

By August 2019 I became a millionaire. I now live on a 23-acre paradise, have multiple income streams, am healthy and joyful and love every aspect of my life...
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Dori M Edwards

CEO Artemis Brands

Ann Arbor, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I realized that many of the affirmations (topics, desires) are beginning to manifest"

I started hearing about Mind Valley when I started the Unlimited Abundance with Christi Sheldon. I recorded several audios about an hour long on several subjects, finances, career, health, after hearing her explain how to ask the question "What would it take to .... " and then de-story,...
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Rodney Guenther

Self employed.

Carlsbad, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"The connections I put together is now on a full scale $1 billion dollar Covid assistance sustainable for life program for Panama"

Before this program I was uncomfortable with highlighting what I do best and valuing myself. During this program finding the layers of blockages that needed to be cleared has freed me to plant my own flag sort of speaking in knowing why I’m here. Helping dreamers connect to the people or...
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Carol Wachniak

Connection Strategist Master Connector

Lombard, United States

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Unlimited Abundance

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Unlimited Abundance

"I have completely changed my outlook on myself, on others, and am in the midst of completely changing the direction of my business"

Before this program, I had been struggling for years with trying to make my business work. Quite honestly I struggled with being happy in general. Which is crazy, because I have so much abundance in my life already! From the outside, everything looked perfect. On the inside, I was consta...
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Christina Samara

CVO, Angelic Jewelry

MARIETTA, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"The program has helped me to identify and remove blocks to create greater abundance"

Grateful to Mindvalley for Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited abundance. The program has helped me to identify and remove blocks to create greater abundance in health, wealth and in my spiritual nature. In gratitude, Diane Jordan
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Diane L Jordan

Flight attendant

Sun Lakes, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"Right away I would do very well and leave with min. of $500.00"

I live in a place where there are many gaming casinos in my area. If I listened to Christy's Abundance meditation before going to a casino, I always did very well. As soon as I would get there I would look around and try to notice which machine was catching my attention. Right away I would...
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Michele Otten


Reno, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I feel brave and clear about my money"

Before taking the Unlimited Abundance course, I was a good manifestor, but struggled with clarity and consistency. Christie opened up so much Joy and connection in my life! Now, I feel brave and clear about my money and following my intuition 100% to guide me to the right choices for me! Tha...
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Chelsea Woudstra

Healer, Artist, Guide

Grand Rapids, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I felt like a new transformed version of myself with new wings open heart and willing to receive and a sense of knowing life was for me"

Before the program I felt life was not for me. After the program I felt like a new transformed version of myself with new wings open heart add nd willing to receive and a sense of knowing life was for me and that I needed to show up for myself❤️
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Michele White

Life Coach Master Spiritualist

Newnan, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I'm just going to say Thank You and this works!"

I'm just going to say Thank You and this works! Since signing up for Christie's course two weeks ago... I binge listened to all the clearings (only) that first weekend... I have manifested attendance at the course of my dreams (and an agreement in principle that the professor of my dreams w...
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Michelle Hicks

Master's Student

Kalamata, Greece

Unlimited Abundance

"I am forever grateful to have learned connecting to the Universe and Earth"

I am forever greatful to have learned connecting to the Universe and Earth. The energy flow and release of old beliefs helped me out of the victim stage, realising that I have the power to change my reality and have balance between my inner and outer worlds.
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Marianne Arnkjaer


Gentofte Municipality, Denmark

Unlimited Abundance

"I credit starting Unlimited Abundance with helping manifest RTT with Marisa Peer"

have never spend this kind of money on myself and I always see money as tight and scarce and if I use it, I will waste it, so I barely go big. My partner keeps the family on a frugal budget and I get an allowance. That's it. So I was able to see the free Masterclass and...
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Leuana Junor

Secondary English Teacher

Miramar, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I now live in a true state of abundance"

Before this class, I had a lack mentality. Christie cleared the blocks. It took one year to finally free myself of the blocks. I now live in a true state of abundance. Thank you.
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Retha Bogard

Author/Spiritual Teacher/Musician

Buffalo Grove, United States

Unlimited Abundance

Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

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