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The M Word

"Now I'm a changed person, a growing spiritual person, forgiving, loving person"

Before this program I was pretty, stressed, down on myself, lacked alot of positivity, felt negative & overwhelmed by other people's opinions of me, now I'm a changed person, a growing spiritual person, forgiving, loving person, I release tension, stress, I'm excited about life, I'm going...
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Support worker

Walsall, United Kingdom

The M Word

"My morning meditation has become part of my life"

M-word has helped me to stay tuned with my thoughts, my emotions and my actions. Emily has changed my perception of meditation. My mornings meditation have become part of my life, to reafirm my self-confidence, my inner power, to be mindful of what I give to myself, to others Enrolling o...
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Nadya Veliz

Manager of Sports Business

Celaya, Mexico

The M Word

"I am amazed by the transformations I have experienced"

The results from doing this quest, for me, were totally unexpected. I have slept every night for 2 weeks straight. My hypertension has definitely decreased...
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Coral Alleyne

Massage Therapist

Bridgetown, Barbados

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The M Word

“The M Word has completely changed the way I see my life”

Upon embarking on the 33 day M Word challenge I had never been able to maintain a meditation practice. I knew it would be good for me but just couldn't seem to be consistent. The switch for me came inside the first week where I hit the deepest most peaceful experience inside a mediation.

Heather Giasson

RAC, Registered Acupuncturist

United States

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The M Word

"Before the M Word Quest, I pretty much used meditation to fall asleep"

Before the M Word Quest, I pretty much used meditation to fall asleep, but very infrequently otherwise. Main reasons I’m looking forward to investing in this course and improving my lifestyle through it are: better stress management...better overall health...more efficient productivity at...
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Jamie Green

Collegiate Golf Coach & PGA Teaching Professional

Apex, United States

The M Word

"I want to be in a habit to meditate daily and have a routine"

Before this program I want to be in a habit to meditate daily and have a routine. Up until I am not consistent.
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Sandra Simpson

Store manager, , Bevilles

Melbourne, Australia

The M Word

"I’m able to get tasks done with ease"

Thanks to this program I am not as stressed with work and family obligations. Things don’t bother me as much and I’m able to get tasks done with ease. I’m falling in love with life ❤️Everyday
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Dawn Gallagher

Owner Dawn Gallagher

New York, United States

The M Word

"I let go of stuff that was weighing me down and I felt lighter and freer"

Before I signed up for the M Word, I was burning out taking care of 2 elderly parents, one of whom was in home hospice and needed round-the-clock care. I was beyond exhausted, overwhelmed, losing my patience with everyone around me including my parents. What little sleep I had, I had to...
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Jacqueline Crisologo

Independent Contractor

San Diego, United States

The M Word

"I have already begun to see results from their guided meditations"

Before this program I started my journey of meditation inspired by my learning the Law of Attraction. I have already begun to see results from their guided meditations and am deeply inspired to master a meditation technique that will ensure the feelings of happiness and well being that I'...
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Eileen McNamara


Hoboken, United States

The M Word

"I'm looking forward to guidance from Emily Fletcher"

I am beginning my Meditation Journey. I need to stretch myself to be the best me I can be in order to understand and deliver the help I'm offering to my clients. I went back to NYU for this degree in Coaching and have worked hard to reinvent myself. This, after many years in the financia...
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Owner of MindsetEditor

Hewlet, United States

The M Word

"This Quest has been a tremendous help for the incredible amount of stress during the last month"

I may not be the best story as I knew before starting this quest that I was going to go through a very stressful phase of my life. After having to face bankruptcy 2 months ago (Covid and strong competition) we decided to move to Spain as the cost of life is very much cheaper and we could...
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Brussels, Belgium

The M Word

"I am looking forward to seeing and felling the benefits of meditation"

I am a physician who has been on a life altering journey for the past 2 years. I have successfully lost over 100 pounds with about 40 more to go to reach mid BMI. Adding personal growth work has been instrumental in this journey - managing my mind and thoughts. I signed up for this mem...
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Arlington Heights, United States

The M Word

"I was happier, much more relaxed and felt so great"

Before I was into the M Word Meditation I had an accident and had a concussion but I wanted to do meditation so I started again then I recently had a fall and recieved another concussion but this time i wanted to use it as a tool to get me through the course so I did. Emily Fletcher i...
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Sonya Mccarthy


Little Brook Station N.S., Canada

The M Word

The M Word with Emily Fletcher

From work, career, sex, love and health — The M Word takes meditation to a whole new level by upgrading an ancient practice into a remarkable tool to upgrade your life. Learn the meditation practice of the world's top performers with one of the world’s leading experts in meditation, Emily Fletcher.
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