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The 6 Phase Meditation

"Areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest changes in my life is was goal management"

Before this Quest my life was very troubled, I was not able to manage my goals simultaneously.... After taking this I am able to manage all of my goals and aspirations with more productivity.... The reason I enrolled in this Quest was to make myself a better human so that could contribu...
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Mohali, India

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I started to forgive myself and others it felt like something opened up for me"

Before this program I had been trying to meditate for a long time. I honestly tried and would fall asleep during the meditation or be so bored. I wanted to manifest a better business but I was struggling tofind the right meditation for me. I was listening to Esther Hicks on YouTube and t...
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Mosidi Seretlo 

Business woman & mummy

Johannesburg, South Africa

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I felt super productive, super happy and super confident"

I felt super productive, super happy and super confident.
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Online Tycoons Academy

New Delhi, India

Featured The 6 Phase Meditation Story
The 6 Phase Meditation

"During the course, I quit a lifetime drinking problem and went through a divorce after 13 years of marriage"

Before this program I was severely depressed, drinking daily, and in a miserable marriage. I did the Limitless Course and practices the 6 Phase Meditation Daily. During the course, I quit a lifetime drinking problem and went through a divorce after 13 years of marriage. After the course, I...

Kristy Longfellow


Hobson, United States

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The 6 Phase Meditation

"These 15 mins, enables me, to collect my thoughts & compartmentalize enough to create space, then clarity, to avoid "monkey mind" in my work"

Before 6 phase, I battled organising my day, my thoughts, leading to a distracted, disorganised, stress laden day with the inevitable creativity suck, inertia & artistic block. Only roused out of this by the appearance of the stress monster. Leading to creative burnout & worse the incre...
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Donegal, Ireland

The 6 Phase Meditation

"The 6 Phase was and continues to remain my absolute favorite, most efficient and my go-to meditation practise"

I have spent the last five years trying to learn how to meditate. I had no idea what it meant to really meditate and in fact I had several ideas of what it shouldn’t be. The 6 Phase Meditation was my first ever experience- it busted all common myths that almost every single human believe...
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Hazel Choksi


Mumbai, India

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I feel very much at peace after doing each day's meditation, very positive and active to start the day"

I have been always hearing wonderful things about the act of meditation, but I was always delaying it and thinking that it was not for me, too much spiritual. But after taking the Quest, I feel really great! I feel very much at peace after doing each day meditation, very positive and acti...
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Jose Nadela

Finance Manager

Barcelona, Spain

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I practice meditation daily. I love the light and my goal is to be a vessel of that light in the world"

I have been a spiritual seeker for most of my adult life. And I have sought and successfully brought my spiritual connection to my work and multiple careers. I have worked in higher education for most of my life as a law school founder, law professor, graduate dean, head of a major accred...
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Ralph Wolff

Founder and President, The Quality Assurance Commons

Oakland, United States

The 6 Phase Meditation

"The courses you offer through the school go a long way toward positioning me for my own mission"

I am going to do this one free form. I will follow your format in my next reviews. :) Vishen, thank you so much. You and your company, have been angels for me. Recently I went through another—I guess we could say—level of awareness. My spiritual life is my foundation and I came i...
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Catherine Clark

Starting up a new business/ project

Cincinnati, United States

The 6 Phase Meditation

"For me it is an amazing transformation, finding my geometric place in life"

After a while practising this lovely meditation, i soften myself, i also changed my voice, now is deeper. For me it is an amazing transformation, finding my geomtric place in life. Thanks thanks thanks
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Fernanda Silva

yoga teacher / poet / visual artist

Montevideo, Uruguay

The 6 Phase Meditation

"This very day Sunday just became so smooth & harmonized"

Thank u so much Vishen The 6 phase meditation is so effective did it this morning & this very day Sunday just became so smooth & harmonized no usual contention w d little grandgirl who’s usually resistant to mostly everything her mom or me ask her to do! So excited & greatful for every pr...
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Yvonne Sese

Mom & grandmom/home manager

San Diego, United States

The 6 Phase Meditation

"It makes me feel more energized and centered towards my plans and goals not just for the day"

I was looking for a good meditation routine that isn't like most other meditations because I, for one, can never sit still for a long period of time. I'm so glad I tried Vishen's 6 Phase 'Meditation,' which as he said is not really just meditation but much more than that! Now, I've been d...
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Leah Grace Soliven

Kajabi Tech Expert

Maria Aurora, Philippines

The 6 Phase Meditation

"My days began to spin with more energy, with more motivation and full of synchronicities"

Now I do literally jump out of bed when I wake up and get ready to enjoy the experience of meditating. I am truly blessed and grateful to Vishen and Mindvalley for providing me with the best-guided meditation that turned out to be what I had been looking for for years...
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Angélica Bustos

Living the Beautiful Journey of Life

Santiago, Chile

The 6 Phase Meditation

The 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani

Based on the distillation of hundreds of personal growth books and the latest scientific studies, The 6 Phase Meditation Quest is a meditation process – made simple. So simple, you only need 7 days to master it. Dramatically elevate your meditation practice in just 7 days with Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani — completely FREE.
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