"I could feel the benefits from day 1"
The 6 Phase Meditation

"I could feel the benefits from day 1"

I've been trying to learn and practice meditation for more than 20 years - with no success, i.e. never passing the phase of: "...focus on your breathing and let your thoughts just pass..." Thanks to Vishen's personal inspirational story and a unique approach to meditation, I could feel the benefits from day 1 of the Quest. I still belong to a group of people whose brain does not (yet) tolerate the relaxed and quiet state, but with the 6 Phases Meditation, I was able to make significant progress and experience an increase in motivation, focus and productivity every day.

Elena Och

Executive Coach, Neurofeeback Therapist

Bonstetten, Switzerland

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The 6 Phase Meditation

"I'm loving the ease in the lineup of how to step by step bring these things to mind"

Hey so before this programme I have had an hr each morning to do my 5 rites (Tibetan practice) and meditate Ive always used a few different breathing practices chakra meditation gratitude ? and creative visualisation (Shakti Gawain was my inspiration for that in the 80s) since doin...
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Cindy Mccann

Red cross store manager

Courtenay, Australia

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I started to be in tune with my future life than my past!"

A few years ago, I got into some trouble with the law, I did a year in prison and have not felt worth more than how my local community sees me. After doing the 6 phase mediation I could see my future, I started to be in tune with my future life than my past!
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Matt Gross

Quality Control- construction

Zanesville, United States

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I've found myself again being able of reaching that relaxed and enjoyable state of mind."

I've done the course The 6 Phase Meditation and it was really great, For around 2 years, I've received e-mails from Mindvalley about the courses and more info about the company. One day I've opened one of this e-mails and decided to do The 6 Phase Meditation.
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Maria Miguel

Customer service,, Speakwell

Parede, Portugal

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