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Conscious Uncoupling

"I am excited to continue this journey"

Before this program I was feeling stuck of how to move forward as a signal mom without expectation on my ex to support a healthy family vision for the future, I am realising that I have that responsibility inside of myself to live up to that expectation for myself and am excited to contin...
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Yoga teacher

Mexico City, Mexico

Conscious Uncoupling

"I feel divinely free and happy now that the papers of our divorce are in process"

Thanks to this program I begin to deal with upset points of my ex-husband's behavior in a lighter way, with almost no resentment, anger. I am on week 1, so I still feel revenge waves coming to me. Injustice is hard to bear, especially when you are the one who tried to do things right fro...
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Ana Paula Rodrigues Cavalcanti

Professor in UFPB - João Pessoa - PB

João Pessoa, Brazil

Conscious Uncoupling

"I am a different person as opposed to seven months ago"

I am retired Dr. of Chiropractic and a musician. I just joined this group today. Seven months ago I lost a ten year relationship. We were engaged for 8 of those years. It was her decision. I was shocked. I had to move out (we were living in her house). No matter what I've tried for...
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Blake Richardson

Retired Dr. of Chiropractic

Glen Burnie, United States

Featured Conscious Uncoupling Story
Conscious Uncoupling

"I would call that a miracle"

Katherine Woodward Thomas is gloriously effective at facilitating my healing and expansion!I did Conscious uncoupling twice. The support is extraordinary. I began with deep pain and fear and now my future former husband and I are loving and supporting each other better than we have in ...

Dr. Alisha Das Hayes

Pacific Palisades, CA, United States

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Conscious Uncoupling

"This is the second time I am doing this and it has a deeper value"

This is the second time I am doing this and it has a deeper value since I am letting go of things that are deeply connected with my body.
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Grace Maduro

Personal coach

Oranjestad, Aruba

Conscious Uncoupling

"What I have found so far has been so much more profound"

I have done a few programs at Mindvalley. I had strange feeling about doing this one, I think I’d had enough of thinking and reflecting on my past relationship. I did know however that there were a few frustrations there still and I didn’t want to take them into my new relationship. I thi...
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Angel Power

Counsellor/ Psychotherapist

Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Conscious Uncoupling

"I am hopeful that this program can help me heal and understand this process better"

I am just beginning this program because I am currently going through a separation with my wife. I have no idea how to deal with this situation so I signed up for this program. We were together for almost 14 years and and have 2 beautiful children together. I do not want to separate but s...
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Richard Hurley


Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Conscious Uncoupling

"I look forward to receiving insights as to how I can adjust this part of my existence and become a better man, lover and partner"

I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I work as a professional musician and tutor for college aged students. I long for a healthy relationship and I believe that over the years I have sabotaged any potential because my overthinking brain gets in the way, this perpetuates behaviours that...
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Kelly Ottaway

Professional Musician and Tutor

Hobart, Australia

Conscious Uncoupling

"I wanted to learn how to stop repeating the same mistakes each time I get into a new relationship"

Fed-up of failing at another relationship and holding onto the hurt of previous ones I took the courageous step in joining the Conscious Uncoupling Quest. I wanted to learn how to stop repeating the same mistakes each time I get into a new relationship, and I wanted to learn how to hear...
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Sonya Ib

Self employed

London, United Kingdom

Conscious Uncoupling

"I am so thankful for the “trigger” as I am aware that I have more processing and healing to do"

“Do you want to die young? That was the question I asked myself a little over nine years ago. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I finally decided to wake the bleep up. At forty-three years old, I had five years of experience with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea....
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Laura Foster

Retired Educator

Buckeye, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I just discovered this program exactly the time I needed it the most in my life"

Just in the first week of this program, and some videos I have watched from Mindvalley, I have already stopped the process of being a victim and embracing the process, the good that has and will come from it and how I can manifest my future happy self, with or without a man/companion in my life...
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Colette Schuler

Senior Project Management Consultant

Bartlett, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I decided to take this Conscious Uncoupling course to finish up my healing process"

I decided to take this Conscious Uncoupling course to finish up my healing process from both my toxic marriage and this last relationship, and to work on growth. I want to grow into a woman that makes herself proud and is ready to try again. I want be her that next time love finds me.
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Software and Applications Developer

Miami, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I have faith this program will serve as the building blocks of rebuilding a foundation of pouring in the gold"

Before this program I assumed I would be locked into codependent relationships with reactionary tendencies as many of my past relationships have reflected such toxicity. Too often, I have neglected my sense of self and lost personal empowerment. My last relationship involved trauma bondin...
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Michelle Pawlowski

Marketing Specialist

St Louis, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling with Katherine Woodward Thomas

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