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Conscious Uncoupling

"I perceive I have a greater self-knowledge and I am equipped with very concrete and helpful tools to face any challenge"

As I starting moving forward in the Conscious Uncoupling Program, I detected some wounds that I had from my past. After the program, I perceive I have a greater self-knowledge and I am equipped with very concrete and helpful tools to face any challenge in life, especially in my human relationships.
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Karla Amezcua

Life Coach, Spiritual director and preacher

Potomac, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"The quest did far more than what I expected"

It freed me completely from the bitterness towards my ex husband. The bitterness was replaced by deep understanding for this man...which brought me to give him total forgiveness. Now I see can myself having a deeper level of friendship with this same man again. It has given me back my peace.
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Kit Jotie


Surrey, Canada

Conscious Uncoupling

"Now happily remarried, I am building a friendly relationship with my husband’s former wife and their adult children"

I intuitively uncoupled from my former husband in a respectful, kind way back in 2003.Yet doing the Conscious Uncoupling process several years later with Katherine Woodward Thomas gave me practices and tools to continue to improve and grow my relationship with him, as well as with my step ch...
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Jeanne Byrd Romero

Surprise, Arizona, United States

Featured Conscious Uncoupling Story
Conscious Uncoupling

"I would call that a miracle"

“Katherine Woodward Thomas is gloriously effective at facilitating my healing and expansion!”I did Conscious uncoupling twice. The support is extraordinary. I began with deep pain and fear and now my future former husband and I are loving and supporting each other better than we have in ...

Dr. Alisha Das Hayes

Pacific Palisades, CA, United States

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Conscious Uncoupling

"The process guided me to not to play the victim but to self-reflect"

The Conscious Uncoupling process has transformed my life in so many wonderful ways!After my marriage of 17 years broke up, it helped me to make a conscious decision to become better, and not bitter. I wanted to be a role model for my two boys and show society that there’s a better way to s...
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Paulina Young

Sydney, Australia

Conscious Uncoupling

"I recommend Conscious Uncoupling to anyone who’s looking for an excellent, deep and scientifically-proven training"

Doing Conscious Uncoupling when I went through my divorce was the best investment I ever made for myself and my family.What I love and value about this transformative process, is that it is simultaneously spiritual, holistic and grounded in the real world. It encouraged me to apply and live...
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Sonyan White

Manchester, United Kingdom

Conscious Uncoupling

"The Conscious Uncoupling course was the most profound intensive “therapy” I’ve ever encountered"

After my partner cheated on me, I hurt in a way I’d never experienced before. It would have been very easy to stay bitter after this betrayal. Yet...
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Kathy Judson

Colorado, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"When I joined Conscious Uncoupling, I’d been held captive in a toxic, turbulent, co-dependent and addictive relationship..."

When I joined Conscious Uncoupling, I’d been held captive in a toxic, turbulent, co-dependent and addictive relationship for 8 years.Katherine’s insights, tools and techniques helped me to finally free myself from this relationship. The process provided me with a road map to liberation, ...
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John Bollen

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Conscious Uncoupling

"My wife of 28 years introduced me to Conscious Uncoupling when we were just first considering divorce..."

My wife of 28 years introduced me to Conscious Uncoupling when we were just first considering divorce.We did it together though independently of each other. It helped us realize that divorce doesn’t have to be hurtful or shameful. It offered us a peaceful, kind and honorable way to end our...
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Mark Pickett

Altadena, CA, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"Through the steps of Conscious Uncoupling, I was finally able to free myself from the pain"

I was struggling with recurring bouts of heavy emotional pain related to a breakup that had happened the year before when I found Conscious Uncoupling.At the time, I felt hopeless about ever being able to move on from the impact of that bad breakup. Yet through the steps of Conscious Uncoupl...
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Noelle Davis

Austin, TX, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"We now have a more blessed, enriched and loving relationship together because of Conscious Uncoupling!"

Heartfelt praise and thanks to Katherine for this program.She offers a wealth of knowledge about the nature of partnerships and how our life patterns impact our relationships with others. The step-by-step Conscious Uncoupling process provides an open, confidential and sacred space to nurtur...
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John Ingraham

Technology Marketing Manager

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I highly recommend this process to anyone experiencing a breakup"

During a devastating, lengthy and messy separation I enrolled in several courses and read over a hundred books to try and feel better and make sense of what was going on. Nothing helped.I still felt awful. Then I came across Conscious Uncoupling. Wow! When I had the opportunity to experienc...
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Carolyn Wright

Hadfield, VIC, Australia

Conscious Uncoupling

"Through the help of Katherine Woodward Thomas, I could finally heal my core wounds"

All my life, I had felt disappointed in love. I kept falling for emotionally unavailable men, always leaving me unfulfilled and disappointed. Through Conscious Uncoupling, I was able to see clearly the patterns of my own behavior and the way I was recreating my sad story over and over. Thr...
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Niina Kurkinen-Nyholm

Helsinki, Finland

Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling with Katherine Woodward Thomas

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