"The quest did far more than what I expected"
Conscious Uncoupling

"The quest did far more than what I expected"

I was living my life full of bitterness for the man whom I first thought was my soulmate. Before this program, all I did was destroy his image to every person I met because of what he did to me two and a half years earlier. I played the victim as the poor wife who was cheated on. I took this quest with the intention of wanting to give myself the chance to find another man to love. But the quest did far more than what I expected...It freed me completely from the bitterness towards my ex husband. It opened my eyes to the painful fact that I was responsible for what happened - even if it were just 10%. The good life we had together and the love we had for each other that I erased from my mind out of spite for his wrongdoing...all these came back so vividly in my mind. The bitterness was replaced by deep understanding for this man...which brought me to give him total forgiveness. Now I see can myself having a deeper level of friendship with this same man again. It has given me back my peace.

Kit Jotie


Surrey, Canada

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Conscious Uncoupling

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Jeanne Byrd Romero

Surprise, Arizona, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

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John Ingraham

Technology Marketing Manager

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I recommend this quest to anyone suffering from their thoughts and feelings about a fresh breakup, or an old one that still nags you"

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Carrie S.

CEO and Founder, Creative Catalyst Coaching

Tucson, United States

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