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Mastering Authentic Networking

"More than networking this is a great quest for starting and developing your own business"

Through stories, challenging missions, difficult moments and soul-touching sharings I did not realised how much I transformed in the last 3 weeks of this quest. Until I looked back and connected the dots. Every video gave me great ideas and insights about my business, my clients, my life...
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Monica Ducu

Business Coach

Sibiu, Romania

Mastering Authentic Networking

"Mastering Authentic Networking opened my life to a whole new world of people and experiences"

It was a very intensive quest, with so much valuable information. What I loved about it, that you make a real plan on how to be more deliberate in your networking. I had never before been deliberate in your networking. I had never before been deliberate in it..
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Meinke Boonstra

Lawyer, trainer and coach

Kufstein area, Austria

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I saw the benefits of being able to take much of what I have learned here into my current position and possibly teaching it to others"

I saw the benefits of being able to take much of what I have learned here into my current position [...]. So if you're like where I was and still can't find what it is you want to do, this class is still great to take because of the lessons you can take into other areas of your life.
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Jennifer Collins

Inside Sales Rep

Saratoga Springs, United States

Featured Mastering Authentic Networking Story
Mastering Authentic Networking

"I certainly needed this quest and I’m very happy I did it"

No to Wallflower and Yes to Networking! This quest thought me a whole new perspective on relationships in general. I learned a great deal on what networking is and isn’t, what sets the basis of an authentic relationship and how that can affect my whole life. In addition, all the active partici...

Natalia Filipescu

Employee, Parent, Business Owner

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Mastering Authentic Networking

"I have shifted a lot of past beliefs about networking and the knowledge I gained from this course has already made a big difference in my life."

Thank you Keith! I joined the quest to learn about networking and its magic. And I did learn. This course exceeded my expectations as it laid out everything in a systematic and effective approach weaving all together masterfully. It's a chest full of valuable information and tips on how to go ab...
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Despina Charavgi

English Teacher, Translator, Mom

Thessaloniki, Greece

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I realised that my investment of effort needed to start at home"

Keith Ferrazzi taught us to use his “Wheel of Currency” to formulate 5 packets of generosity to build relationships with those with whom we wish to extend our network. For me, I realised that my investment of effort needed to start at home, because it is so easy to take my own marriage for gr...
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Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

Lecturer, Parent, Business Owner

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I love the deep and generous ideas that bring value to all parties allowing for true co-creating and mutual growth"

I truly enjoyed this Quest and the intense and innovative methods of integrating thoughtful and provocative action into building your brand and professional growth through building Authentic Relationships.
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Joy E Harris

Energy Practitioner with Body Code and Chakra Healing

Clayton, United States

Mastering Authentic Networking

"Keith Ferazzi's Mastering Authentic Networking really opened up my eyes that networking is about making deep connections"

Networking is about caring about what matters to the other person and how I can help contribute to them. I really resonate with this, but yet, I don't know why it never dawns on me to do this in the past. He breaks down to us clearly step by step on...
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Mindy Choo

Sound, Voice, Energy Healer, Women Circle Facilitator

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I highly recommend Mastering Authentic Networking Quest"

Before this Quest my social life and networking were two totally different things. I didn’t have the awareness about how bonded are the deep connections with succes in any area of life. After taking this Quest I realize that I have a clear framework about my networking and a lot of tools to ap...
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Valeria Paula Paramidani

Founder en TRIBU coaching

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I am grateful for the quest buddy´s who sure will stay in my life and probably on my lifeline"

Before this quest I was hardly managing any network and during the quest I already felt how differently I approach this topic and how I apply the tools organically. Actually there is no part of my life where I do not see an impact of this quest happening already. I approach people differently in...
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Wolfgang Steiner

Coogle, Entrepreneur

Kremna, Serbia

Mastering Authentic Networking

"I thoroughly enjoyed this quest and I can encourage every person interested in mastering authentic networking to learn with and from Keith Ferrazzi"

Starting my new job in Business Development, Keith Ferrazzi´s Mastering Authentic Networking easily caught my attention as a topic of interest. Keith´s insight into the right mindsets towards networking, his clear structures on how to master networking in an authentic way and all his knowledge ...
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Denis Waniek

Vice President Business Developmet, AIESEC Germany

Bochum, Germany

Mastering Authentic Networking

Mastering Authentic Networking with Keith Ferrazzi

In just 21 days, the Mastering Authentic Networking Quest empowers you to start realizing your greatest professional and personal dreams: all through the power of authentic, mutually beneficial connections. Whether you’re an extroverted people person or a shy behind-the-scenes type, you’ll rapidly grow into a brilliant networker as Keith Ferrazzi, the word's No. 1 networking coach, himself coaches you daily with the same tools and insights he uses to train the world’s most successful and connected people.
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