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Speak and Inspire

"Take this course and be ready to uplevel how you communicate with yourself, your loved ones and the world!"

The reason I enrolled in this Quest was that I launched a book, Life in Full Colors, that came to and through me during the first lockdown of COVID-19 last March and suddenly found myself guesting on podcasts and summits...
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Corry MacDonald

Creative Healer (art therapist/energy healer/artist)

Overijse, Belgium

Speak and Inspire

"I am now adapting the many things I have learned in sessions with my clients"

WOW! WOW! WOW! I have never been comfortable with speaking to lots of people and always felt that what I wanted to say never came across as I wanted it to. I am passionate about what I do and love my job but never felt this translated to my audience. I have learned so much from this cou...
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Giuseppina Gawthorpe

Meditation & Mindfulness Coach/Teacher

sheffield, United Kingdom

Speak and Inspire

"The program was amazing"

The program was amazing but due to not being able to post videos I was quite blocked from sharing in the community and really doing the homework, which really was a pity. I feel like I didn't play full out mainly due to that and so it's not really accomplished.
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Sales manager

Novara, Italy

Featured Speak and Inspire Story
Speak and Inspire

"The biggest changes I have noticed in my life are that I am a much better listener"

The biggest changes I have noticed in my life are that I am a much better listener, way more empathetic, I bring more to each conversation and ask myself what can I give my audience, my teams vs just talking to them. - My insights are, listen more actively, have silent pauses during conversations...

Carine Cuyvers

Business Manager/ Sussan Corporation

Melbourne, Australia

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Speak and Inspire

"Thank you, Lisa Nichol's, Vishen Lakhiani, the entire staff at Mind Valley and the Tribe"

Hello Tribe, I enrolled in Speak and Inspire, because I wanted to face the fear of public speaking. I got more than I bargained for. I was taken down the path of the Self's: Self-love, Self-actualization and Self-acceptance. During the last 30 days, its not just what Lisa said, you...
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Yuma, United States

Speak and Inspire

"I would love to explore my interest to speak in public and life coaching as a new career and journey"

The reason I enrolled into this coarse is to really learn how to use my voice and words impactful. Inspiring others as always been what makes me happy. I love the feeling, the attention and the connections I share. In March 2020 I got send to a government quarantine camp due to a clos...
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Jacquiline Hamilton


Central, Hong Kong

Speak and Inspire

"I am looking forward to improve my way with words to influence people to become the best the can be"

I just began this program and I am very inspired already. I am looking forward to improve my way with words to influence people to become the best the can be.
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I am an inspirational teacher

Puerto Vallartaoceanside, Mexico

Speak and Inspire

I decided: I want to become a public speaker!

My greatest fear is also the greatest vision I have for my life. In 2008, I decided: I want to become a public speaker! Among other things, I attended a local group of Swiss Toastmasters for a year and a half. This already gave me a good foundation, the first layer to keep my fear at le...
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Arpad Wächter

Life Coach

Aarberg, Switzerland

Speak and Inspire

I joined the program to be a better speaker

Before this program, I hired a coach to help me build a functional medicine practice. One of the biggest marketing tools in the business is the creation of webinars. I joined the program to be a better speaker to drive practice members to the business.
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Tahera English

Nurse Practitioner

Stuttgart, Germany

Speak and Inspire

I lead a team of 100+ people and I would like to develop and improve my skills to impact the my peers

I'm Misba Mohammed and I'm super excited to start Mindvalley Speak & Inspire course. I was born in India and lived in England for 10years. I'm currently residing in Colorado, United States. Thanks to Mindvalley & Lisa Nichols for providing this course. I lead a team of 100+ people and...
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Misba Mohammed

Program Manager @ Technology

Longmont, United States

Speak and Inspire

"I feel that now is my time to shine"

Hello from the rainforest of North Queensland, Australia. My name is Tristan ( rhymes with (Don Juan 😉). I have always been curious and have had many adventures, and met many amazing teachers through my travels to Thailand and the US where I went on a pilgrimage following in the footsteps...
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Henderson Tristan

Teacher and School Counsellor

Kuranda, Australia

Speak and Inspire

"I’ve discovered my purpose and know that my voice is my greatest asset"

I found this path after beginning the dissolution of my 21 year marriage. I believed this was my time, & I began seeking ways to excavate the landscape of my hidden self. I heard Lisa Nichols speak on a MV podcast and I began listening to it daily for 3 weeks. I signed up in September, bu...
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Joan Mazur

Spanish teacher

Rochester, United States

Speak and Inspire

"I have started to test myself when I speak to anyone"

I am launching my business in January 2021. This course has given me the foundations of how I am to show my story, how I am to do lives and how I should continue to work on my confidence and do FB lives etc to grow my audience...
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Creative Director

Windsor, United Kingdom

Speak and Inspire

Speak and Inspire with Lisa Nichols

When You Follow Lisa’s Remarkable Powerful Communicator Process, You Too Will Be Speaking Your Truth, Inspiring With Your Ideas & Persuading Like A Pro — All In Just 30 Days. Lisa Nichols is widely regarded as one of the top speaking coaches in the world. Her mastery of communication and motivation has placed her among the very best orators in history – alongside legends like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and more.
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