"I have started to test myself when I speak to anyone"
Speak and Inspire

"I have started to test myself when I speak to anyone"

I really don't know why I started this course but something drew me to do it. It was my intuition telling me its something I should be doing I guess. 
Before starting this course I was really an introvert. I didn't like to share my personal story with anyone. I was a very private person. I only shared what I needed to with whom I needed to. 
During this course, I learnt that all that happens to you happens for a reason. It is all part of your journey and all the moments of pain, that takes you into a valley, is to make you stronger. 
It all has a purpose - one that when it becomes clear, completes your story.

The thing that I realised, I am not the only one that has been through certain experiences, and if I share my story, it can heal someone else going through the same experience. That in itself not only helps to heal them but also me. 
There are some stories I am ready to speak about and some that are still 'baking' as Lisa describes it. I have started to test myself when I speak to anyone. The valley, the pauses, the body language etc. Even if my emails. I am getting told I articulate myself a lot better which is all very positive!

So why did I start this course - it all fell into place. I am launching my business in January 2021. This course has given me the foundations of how I am to show my story, how I am to do lives and how I should continue to work on my confidence and do FB lives etc to grow my audience. 
My intuition didn't fail me! I will continue to grow using the skills I have used and will forever grateful to Lisa and the Mindvalley team for putting such a powerful programme together - it's going to be an exciting journey of transformation!


Creative Director

Windsor, United Kingdom

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