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Money EQ

"I now have happy money even when I pay my bills"

Hello: before I began this program I never thought to look at my finance in a happy or sad way, just something I needed to use to get from one point to the next. I thanked the Lord for being able to pay my bills before but was not happy to pay them. I believe the lack of finance that our...
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Charlene Winston

Minister, Assistant Nurse Manager

Waco Texas, United States

Money EQ

"Thanks to this quest I've seen so many of the emotional blocks I had for years"

Just about to being this journey I was about to take on a project That wasn't finished years ago. Buying a family home. I was terrified of getting in debt Thanks to this quest i've seen so many of the emotional blocks i had for years that i inherited and no longer served me Thanks to t...
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Javier Pelaez

3D Animator

Montreal, Canada

Money EQ

"I have learned to manage money with a healthy attitude and the relationship between money and myself is flourishing""

Greetings Fellow Questers! My journey began about 5 years ago. I found myself in a life that seemed inconceivable to me. I was in the worst relationship I have ever experienced. I had gotten myself hooked and trapped with a narcissist. It was emotional abuse that escalated into a very mi...
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Julia Ann Brown

PHD Professional Hair Dresser ( Master Stylist )

Collingwood, Canada

Featured Money EQ Story
Money EQ

"I feel a lot freer"

Every piece of this course has been such a gift in my life, and I am grateful for each piece of freedom I experience. I have been on a life journey for a few years, and being a part of Mindvalley recently is such a gift I received from a friend. There is so much for me to work on, to focus...

Anne Baatz


Rockaway Park, United States

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Money EQ

"I'm not afraid of money and I'm not afraid that I won't have money"

Before this Quest I felt scared of money; having it made me feel I wouldn't get more, not having it made me feel awful. From the very first session my perception of money shifted. When I stepped into Money I saw it as a compassionate and caring energy that was wondering why I wasn't comin...
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Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier

Actor, Writer, Producer

Los Angeles, United States

Money EQ

"This program placed me in a place of appreciation, joy, happiness, sharing and receiving that I never thought of"

I am Jessica Raijman, Mexican writher. I want to thank Ken and Dr. Scott for this great opportunity to look at money in a completely different way. This program placed me in a place of appreciation, joy, happiness, sharing and receiving that I never thought of. the daily classes in juncti...
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Jessica Raijman

free lance writer

Huixquilucan, Mexico

Money EQ

"These 3 weeks have changed my (money) life forever!"

I finally saw the pattern that kept money out of my life and why. I realized how that was serving me and made a new decision. I opened up to receive and a long-awaited payment that hadn't come through my business showed up in my bank account. I paid my bills in gratitude and...
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Linda Martinez

Self Realization Coach and Founder @ Linda Martinez Life Coaching

Thun, Switzerland

Money EQ

"I can do what I love and make money out of it"

Before this program I used to understand money as difficult to get, I had this limiting belief that money was not for everyone and I felt like I didn't deserve making good money. Worse than that, I believed that living my passions had nothing to do with making money. I had a scarcity mind...
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Alejandro Miranda

Entrepeneur and writer

Guadalajara, Mexico

Money EQ

"After this class, I can spend and receive money so much more openly and gratefully"

Before this program, I was restricted by my money and I thought I had to suspend my dreams for a few years because I thought I had to save up. My father always believed you should work hard, and my mother believed money is the root of all evil. Neither those beliefs are mine. I believe I...
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Erick Lessing

Software Engineer, DVT

Pretoria, South Africa

Money EQ

"I enjoy the real meaning of abundance"

Before this program I was clueless about what to do with my money I had it but I also was very stressed about having it, did understand way I had it or even worse I thought I didnt deserve it. Now I'm more relax, thanks to this program I'm more vulnerable to my self money and other's. I...
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Panama City, Panama

Money EQ

"Now, I am more confident with handling my money"

Before this program, I am lost Thank to this program, I understand we spend money using emotions Now, I am more confident with handling my money
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Learner Lifelong


Ampang, Malaysia

Money EQ

"I am finally able to sense and let go of my fears and reluctance with ease"

I was always having this feeling that something was limiting me in a way always that exclusively pushed me away from gaining any momentum in terms of financial growth. Through the process of realising the eq within the quest I am finally able to sense and let go of my fears and reluctance...
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Anurag  vats 

Self employed

Kanpur, India

Money EQ

"I noticed all the money wounds and understood the strategies and guided meditation techniques to address them consciously"

Thanks to this program, I noticed all the money wounds and understood the strategies and guided meditation techniques to address them concsiously. Also received an inspiring fintech idea after attending this Money EQ program.
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Dilip Rajkumar

Data Scientist / Freelancer

Coimbatore, India

Money EQ

Money EQ with Ken Honda

Join Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru— on a journey where he will teach you the Japanese art of healing your money wounds and making peace with your money. Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We like to think money is the centre of our lives and everything depends on our financial status, but Ken challenges our beliefs to install more liberating perceptions of money and delivers concrete tools that have the power to change your life.
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