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Money EQ

"I feel that I learn a lot and now understand better"

Well any of the Tips I feel will help me , so I will share how I feel after taking part in this quest , is a sensation of awareness , I feel that I learn a lot and now understand better for example my wife, brother and mother because of the different in there and ours money types , in t...
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Daniel Mijares Ramos

Krankentransport , LMU München

Munich, Germany

Money EQ

"I made long term, short term and medium term money decisions confidently"

I am thankful to Vishen and the entire team to offer this interesting programme on money mindsets that helped me explore my money type, taboos around money mindsets, healing the wounds, correcting ways by being more aware and mind exercises and appreciating this energy...
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Ruchi Vardhan

DIG Admin, PHq, Bhopal

Bhopal, India

Money EQ

"Since doing this course I have reignited my love for the novel I'm writing, and for the 3 others that are waiting in the wings"

I'm spending happy money, by rejoining the gym, and I'm feeling good about my body again. I'm seeing that spending money on what I need, and what is good for me, is part of the happy money flow and I know it will return magnified. It's not all about me...
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Christie Heart

Author, Singer/Songwriter

Melbourne, Australia

Featured Money EQ Story
Money EQ

"I doubled my revenue and I reimbursed 11,000 USD of debt in one year"

If you are reading this and still hesitating to take the course, I can't encourage you enough to go ahead and do it. this program is a true blessing. And your reality does start to shift instantly as you start doing the work, it's unbelievable...

Audrey Tournier

Founder of Slow Living

Shenzhen, China

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Money EQ

"The day after I've completed the Thankfulness Meditation associated with Ken Honda's Money EQ, I actually got a freelance job"

Before this program I had feelings of terror whenever something about money was going on around me. I would equate it with lifeblood in a sense, where whenever I gave up some money, I was in essence giving some lifeblood. The same for taking money, I wouldn't enjoy accepting it even as a...
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Emanuel Alexander


Cairo, Egypt

Money EQ

"Helped me to understand behaviors and to try to help to correct wounds produced in childhood"

I have been all my adult life a Money Saver, I knew it and I was proud about it, and I continue being proud about it. I am also a Money lover, not in the sense of greedy, I have a 10-year record of a detailed accounting of all my Incomes and Expenses, I like to be in control of it and to...
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Jose Nadela

Finance Manager

Barcelona, Spain

Money EQ

"I got wonderful wisdom about money and excellent brain training exercises"

Before this program I felt that I had some kind of abundance blocks in my life as money was not flowing easily to me inspite of my best efforts. After taking this program, I got wonderful wisdom about money and excellent brain training exercises which rewired my brain. Now, before compl...
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Noorali Bhimani


Mumbai, India

Money EQ

"I feel free-minded in a few ways understanding where beliefs about money came from"

Before this quest I was not able to figure out some of my projects that I can work with money. After going through the process I feel free minded in a few ways understanding where beliefs about money came from. I even remembering my own inner connection with money energy as a kid. I have...
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Thaddeus Hill


Chicago, United States

Money EQ

"More and more money is flowing into my life to support me and my family"

Although I made a decent amount of money I was always afraid of not having enough, of my money supply drying up. Ken Honda helped me to understand that I am the container for my wealth, and that money is a friendly energy that wants to support me. This program helped me heal patterns that...
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Nadja Hagen

Transformational Feminine Heart Coach

Kreuzau, Germany

Money EQ

"I now appreciate the flow of money and how to receive more"

Before this program, I had some negative beliefs surrounding money. Thanks to this program, I now appreciate the flow of money and how to receive more. I am looking forward to more abundance in my finances and in all other areas of my life.
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Otis Williams


The Bronx, United States

Money EQ

"To feel good instead of bad every time you spend or receive money alone raises your quality of life"

Hi! I'm a Swedish expat living in China. Before doing this program I was always scared around money, even though I've managed to control many other areas of life. At some point I realized that what was holding me back the most was my ignorance and fear around money. I've already managed...
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Gunnar Ryrholm

English Teacher

Xi'an, China

Money EQ

"I do have a new attitude toward money"

Before this quest I believed in working harder to get to the gold. But this quest really challenged those beliefs. I am very thankful that this program was available for me to reconsider things and grow in so many ways with my relationship with money. I took this quest because I’m tired...
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Celeste Schwab

Grocery freight worker

Portland, United States

Money EQ

"The biggest positive change has been that I no longer have the fear around spending money"

In comparison to some peoples challenges with money, mine were relatively small. But, like most people, I wanted more money. For sometime I have taken Mindvalley workshops but have never signed up for a course. Wanting to but something holding me back. Fear of spending the money. Hearin...
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Linda Dibben


Wincanton, United Kingdom

Money EQ

Money EQ with Ken Honda

Join Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru— on a journey where he will teach you the Japanese art of healing your money wounds and making peace with your money. Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We like to think money is the centre of our lives and everything depends on our financial status, but Ken challenges our beliefs to install more liberating perceptions of money and delivers concrete tools that have the power to change your life.
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