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Money EQ

"Ken's session especially healing money wounds and expanding money containers are highly effective"

I joined Mindvalley with lot of hesitation as I have done several programs on mental and spiritual well being. I signed up for following programs - Happy Money after reading Ken's book, Silva Technique and Jim's session. I thought all of it would be breeze but all of them require focu...
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VP, Citi

Indore, India

Money EQ

"I’m on my way to peace and joy around money"

Before this program I didn’t understand all my money blocks and now I even understand my money type and it’s fearful!!! That’s me!!! But now I know I’m not alone and it’s not any worse than anyone else’s blocks..just different. I can work with this as the program is so gentle, leading o...
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Linda Firestone

Want to be real estate investor, etc., etc.

Austin, United States

Money EQ

"Great course and mentor and I highly recommend it to anyone who's not happy about their current relationship with money"

MoneyEQ is a really interesting course with a great and fun mentor: Ken Honda, as well as the inspiring brain re-wiring expert: Dr. Scott Mills. Before the course I knew I had money-related issues: money seems to come and go, and periodically I'd be having money-related stress of not be...
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Shun-Yun Hu

Founder, Joint Commonwealth Fund (JCF)

Taichung City, Taiwan

Featured Money EQ Story
Money EQ

"I doubled my revenue and I reimbursed 11,000 USD of debt in one year"

If you are reading this and still hesitating to take the course, I can't encourage you enough to go ahead and do it. this program is a true blessing. And your reality does start to shift instantly as you start doing the work, it's unbelievable...

Audrey Tournier

Founder of Slow Living

Shenzhen, China

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Money EQ

"Money EQ also reminds me to open up myself to receive"

I want to share with you what love has taught me. I am truly at peace. I have realized the guidance that Source is leading me to. I am so grateful for everything. I am being transformed inside into a very beautiful version of me. I have now accepted that I cannot gain happy money by doing...
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Bogor, Indonesia

Money EQ

"I changed my energy to HAPPY MONEY now I am more calm and confident"

Before this program I was living in Money Fear and after the program I changed my energy to HAPPY MONEY now I am more calm and confident that Abundance will be my Future.
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Rosetta Gourgey Pardo


Tel Aviv, Israel

Money EQ

" I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result"

I've also been able to shed limiting beliefs about how much I can actually receive and can now solidly hold an image of a richer me in my mind and heart. It feels... different....
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Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

Personal Evolution Coach, Pro Photographer

Mexico City, Mexico

Money EQ

"I received a credit line of $8,000 ... more than I could have possibly imagined right at the moment. In addition, I have my first real client starting Monday"

Before the program, money was a mystery and a chore. For years, I did not know how to care for it in my life. This led to conflict in my marriage, a foreclosure, near bankruptcy and a great deal of resentment toward my mother. She was the one who handled the money in my family growing up,...
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Laura A Bohling

Owner, Laura Bohling Enterprises

Christiana, United States

Money EQ

"I have a lot more respect for money"

I have a lot more respect for money and see it as a positive energy now which can assist me in having what I need and want in life just need a lot more of it Thanks Ken you seem to be a great guy ....very positive Regards Patrick Horan
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Patrick Horan


Rushton spencer, United Kingdom

Money EQ

"The course enlightened me about my current relationship with money, my money wounds, and money fears"

Before this program I was always doubtful about my relationship with money. I made lots of money in my life before, but I seem to spend it all and come back to square one. I am not a worrier, but I am not also a planner. The course enlightened me about my current relationship with money,...
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Abdullah Alawi

Financial Crime Investigator / Mentor

Binbrook, Canada

Money EQ

"Thank you Mindvalley and Ken Honda along with his team for helping me feel better about money and encouraging me to follow my joy"

So appreciative of Mindvalley for these different programs. I was drawn to Ken Honda’s Money EQ. Before I took the program, I had some uneasiness about my relationship with money although I have plenty of it by today’s standards I was not comfortable with it. I love the videos from Ken a...
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Ann Ryan, MD

Physician and Writer

Los Angeles, United States

Money EQ

"Now I think money is a way to help each other"

I used to think money was the cause of evil now I think money is a way to help each other
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Najee Benton

Game Artist

Lorain, United States

Money EQ

"I feel that I learn a lot and now understand better"

Well any of the Tips I feel will help me , so I will share how I feel after taking part in this quest , is a sensation of awareness , I feel that I learn a lot and now understand better for example my wife, brother and mother because of the different in there and ours money types , in t...
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Daniel Mijares Ramos

Krankentransport , LMU München

Munich, Germany

Money EQ

Money EQ with Ken Honda

Join Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru— on a journey where he will teach you the Japanese art of healing your money wounds and making peace with your money. Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We like to think money is the centre of our lives and everything depends on our financial status, but Ken challenges our beliefs to install more liberating perceptions of money and delivers concrete tools that have the power to change your life.
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