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Money EQ

"Thus, began my quests in the humanities to enable me to live a life of abundance"

After not realizing my severance pay of over a half a million TT dollars to investments I was determined to find out what made me make such an investment and how can I correct my attitude about money. I thought even if I acquired more money would I lose it in a similar way. Why can't I...
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Angela Pierre


PORT OF SPAIN, United States

Money EQ

"I am thankful to Ken Honda for the great course and quest he gave us during these 21 days"

Hi, I am a successful entrepreneur who achieved a lot of things in my personal and professional life. I got interested in this course because I wanted to understand how to expand our money container and also because I started to fear about my money container. I thank you Ken Honda for th...
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salvatore milanese


São Paulo, Brazil

Money EQ

"After the Quest, I’ve come to clarity"

For more than 30 years I’ve been working as a teacher with a dream of something. Something I really couldn’t spot. About one year ago I suddenly got in contact with coaching and started to realise that this was IT. I started my training and now I am an ICF Certified Coach (ACC). Befo...
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Carina Fogelström

CEO / Teacher

Örebro, Sweden

Featured Money EQ Story
Money EQ

"I feel a lot freer"

Every piece of this course has been such a gift in my life, and I am grateful for each piece of freedom I experience. I have been on a life journey for a few years, and being a part of Mindvalley recently is such a gift I received from a friend. There is so much for me to work on, to focus...

Anne Baatz


Rockaway Park, United States

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Money EQ

"I quickly I adopted those concepts from the course and practicing daily"

I didnt expect anything at the beginning but just let myself enjoy the flow of the course. During the second week i completed 2 tasks related to money which were being put off for a few months. I was surprised i quickly i adopted those concepts from course and practicing daily. Thank you...
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Melbourne, Australia

Money EQ

"Thanks to Ken’s program I now see money as an energy that flows to and through me whenever I need it"

As an entrepreneur, this was a shift that needed to be made. I feel much lighter about money and life in general. I loved Ken’s kind and loving presence and learned so much throughout these 21 days...
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Megan Moriarty

Hypnotherapist & Yoga Event Host

Tampa, United States

Money EQ

"I will eventually hit my money goal"

More clients are coming in, wanting the services that I love to provide. My bank account is growing steadily, and although, I am far away from my money goal, I am no longer worried about hitting it...
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Juliana Nahas

Functional Pediatrician

Covington, United States

Money EQ

"This program has helped me to see that receiving is beautiful"

This program has helped me to see that receiving is beautiful. In order to give with love, I must be happy with receiving.
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Nicole Gholson

Retired Law Enforcement

New York, United States

Money EQ

"I feel more comfortable around money"

Before this program I had few money wounds I never realized I had. After the program it feels like they are healed. And now I feel more comfortable around money. Thanks, Ken.
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Fabiana S Braga


São Paulo, Brazil

Money EQ

"I increased sales and greater interest in my art business since I started this Quest"

After taking this Quest I feel like I've overcome a lot of my scarcity mentality and I have a much better relationship and feeling towards money. I have more confidence and trust in myself that money comes easily to me and that I can create a much better and healthier flow of money...
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Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh

Fine Artist/Painter and owner of Juliet Thorburn Art LLC

Wilmington, United States

Money EQ

"At last, I was able to break free from the Mystery of the broken feeling"

Thank you Ken, Scott & Mindvalley for this program. At last I was able to break free from the Mystery of the broken feeling. I understand that I felt controlled when I am a giver and ended up broke every time.. I am now working towards being a receiver.. just the thought and feelings is h...
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Bengaluru, India

Money EQ

"My goal is now to embrace a happy money community and going philanthropic"

I also discovered that I am a boring person married to a spender that brings some joy to my life. I am actively trying to start spending with a big thank you and instilling a lot of happiness into the money I spend. The perspective of money has the energy...
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joao mendes

Tap air portugal

RINCHOA, Portugal

Money EQ

"After this program, I can honestly say that I feel true love in my heart when I think about money"

Thanks to this program I began to change my perspective, love, and appreciation towards money and my life in general emerged. After this program, I can honestly say that I feel true love in my heart (I feel my heart pumping with love) when I think about money. I just want to share...
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Jennifer Trimble

Life Coach

Canberra, Australia

Money EQ

Money EQ with Ken Honda

Join Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru— on a journey where he will teach you the Japanese art of healing your money wounds and making peace with your money. Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We like to think money is the centre of our lives and everything depends on our financial status, but Ken challenges our beliefs to install more liberating perceptions of money and delivers concrete tools that have the power to change your life.
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