"I feel a lot freer"
Money EQ

"I feel a lot freer"

Before this program, I would be grateful for things in a general way. I had a lot of trauma around money, which i have been working on in many different ways. Now, I try to remember to say Arigato everytime i give money to buy something, or receive money. I feel a lot freer everytime i say this. I can honestly say this one thing has changed my energy a lot. All the insights, the learning about money, doing the brain wave exercises. I think for me the biggest impact i have had with the brain training exercises is imagining my parents being loved and supported by their parents. This was not the case for either of them, so i never heard the word love being spoken until i was in my 40's. I would try to see things from their side, but i never thought of it the way this exercise showed me. I was very emotional, crying a lot. It was heartbreaking for me to see they never received what they needed either. 

Every piece of this course has been such a gift in my life, and i am grateful for each piece of freedom i experience. I have been on a life journey for a few years, and being a part of Mindvalley recently is such a gift i received from a friend. There is so much for me to work on, to focus, but the money part for me is so huge, so much trauma around it, and healing these wounds is huge and i am so grateful.

Anne Baatz


Rockaway Park, United States

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Jason Max Adams


Santa Fe, United States

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