"I'm excited to see how things unfold"
Money EQ

"I'm excited to see how things unfold"

I'm on the beginning of week 2 for the Money EQ program. I also took the Silva Method 2 months ago. I live in abundance but it is all because of my partner. I am afraid of money. I want it but then am afraid to spend it. Even my partner, who lives in complete abundance and fulfills my every wish, and I can't escape my own fear of money or spending it and lack. I am afraid to be generous out of fear of my own lack. I have none of my own money. I have a small business for healing and I can't even get one client. I mostly use a credit card in his name but when he give me cash I don't want to spend it. After some healing work in the program I made an appointment with a woman who does hypnotherapy. She regressed my back to a past life prolly late 1800's where I was a homeless male my entire life, from youth to an old man. I was a simple man and had no thoughts or ideas that I could change things. There was just no way. My life was what it was. Period. I had no relationships. I was alone most of my life and died alone. I can imagine in that time period there were no resources and I lived truly in lack. If something I acquired was lost, etc. there was no replacement. It was truly gone forever. There was not an in and out flow of money or abundance. I spent my days watching those with money having "normal" lives. So there it was, I have no money or the ability to make any, yet everyone else does. My current exact beliefs. The therapist was able to clear much of the old energy. Very interesting this appointment lined up shorty after starting this class. I'm excited to see how things unfold. So much more to unfold!!

Mellissa Duttle


Redondo Beach, United States

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Money EQ

"Ken Honda speaks straight from his heart"

Thank you so much. There will be so much growth to come as soon as the program Starts. Until then I will practice the Arigato Money.
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Adrian Abu-Ghazaleh


Köln, Germany

Money EQ

"The exercise made me realise that I wanted to be friends with money but I was afraid of it at the same time"

I've thought for years that no matter how hard I tried to overcome my money issues, there was something I couldn't quite reach. In the first exercise I did on day 1, I looked into my relationship with money, and its relationship with me. The exercise made me realise that I wanted to be frien...
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Hannah Charman

Medical Herbalist

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom

Money EQ

"It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience"

Todays journey begins with Money EQ to which I almost excited about. At the age of 77 one tends to think that one is too old to be productive. I wish to annihilate that notion from my being and continue my journey with joy and "giving" in whatever way I can.
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polly davies


Cascais, Portugal

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