"I can do what I love and make money out of it"
Money EQ

"I can do what I love and make money out of it"

Before this program I used to understand money as difficult to get, I had this limiting belief that money was not for everyone and I felt like I didn't deserve making good money. Worse than that, I believed that living my passions had nothing to do with making money. I had a scarcity mindset based on my own experiences growing up and seeing adults complaining always about the lack of money. 

My greatest insights are : that I can do what I love and make money out of it, Ken Honda´s definition of wealth "Loving who you are and enjoying where you are and what you have" ( just loved it ) and that I am a spender control money type. 

I loved this program, I feel at peace with myself, I trust my process and I live with certainty in relation to money, abundance and relationships. 

I highly recommend this Quest to understand the energy of money and our relation with money and with ourselves! Thank you!

Alejandro Miranda

Entrepeneur and writer

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Maryam T

Performance improvement consultant

Muscat, Oman

Money EQ

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Martha Okpeke

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Money EQ

"I loved this program soOo much, I honestly didn't want it to end"

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Stella Mae

Founder Of Reverse Psychology London/ Fundraiser ( Fashion Designer)

London, United States

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