"More and more money is flowing into my life to support me and my family"
Money EQ

"More and more money is flowing into my life to support me and my family"

Although I made a decent amount of money I was always afraid of not having enough, of my money supply drying up. 

Ken Honda helped me to understand that I am the container for my wealth, and that money is friendly energy that wants to support me. 

This program helped me heal patterns that were ingrained for generations in my family line. 

After taking his course Money EQ I will be confident with my money, I know there's always more to come and the results are showing up. More and more money is flowing into my life to support me and my family. Forever grateful!

Nadja Hagen

Transformational Feminine Heart Coach

Kreuzau, Germany

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Money EQ

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Carina Fogelström

CEO / Teacher

Örebro, Sweden

Money EQ

"Thank you for such a transforming and mind opening program"

I'm amazed how much l could recognize, accept and transform on many levels. I love Ken Honda, his energy, knowledge and heart sharing with us. It helps me soooo much. I feel much more free and light. I realized many unconscious programs keeping me and my life in a small box.
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Beata Mazurek


Warszawa, Poland

Money EQ

"I am confident that I can live an incredibly joyful life by integrating all of the universal concepts I gained from this quest"

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Cheryl Miller

Public School Educator

Bowie, United States

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