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Be Extraordinary

"Today I feel positive about following my heart and my dream of becoming a successful writer/speaker, and I feel more confident"

I started this program because I'm a divorced mom and I was feeling very stressed and anxious about my whole life. My business didn't do well during 2020, my love life was a disaster, my finances were going downhill and I was looking for jobs that I actually didn't like just to pay the bi...
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Alexandra Rossi


Reston, United States

Be Extraordinary

"I am not the same person I was before I started my new journey with Mindvalley"

Before this program, I felt lost and very ill due to all my past traumas, I had no focus, my memory was deteriorating, my body was in extreme pain each time I was triggered, and my self-esteem was extremely low. I have grown immensely and continue to grow and heal each day. Every day is a...
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Bobbi Maggrah

Program Coordinator

Saskatoon, Canada

Be Extraordinary

"I wouldn't have imagined from the start that this quest is going to affect my life so positively"

One of my biggest changes is that I am more productive in my job as a music teacher in schools. I have become better and I see that other people estimate it. Many chapters helped me such as Intuition but the chapters on creative visualization..
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Stratos Gkioulmpanoglou

Educator of Music

Athens, Greece

Featured Be Extraordinary Story
Be Extraordinary

"I highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!"

I would highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!  This was one of the first Mindvalley quests I took, and I’m so glad I did due to the wide range of helpful topics that it taught me.  Vishen is such a great teacher with his direct and easy way of explaining things i...

Claire VanBeber


New York, United States

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Be Extraordinary

"I felt a sense of opening, strengthening, feeling more power and clarity"

During this program I feld Spring was in me too, beside her obvious presence in plants and animals around me. I feld sense of opening, strengtening, feeling more power and clarity. I now rather question the idea of pertetual gowt in sense of following new corses every month instead of pra...
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Ruben Eeckhout

trainer E.A.S.T method

Antwerpen, Belgium

Be Extraordinary

"A big big thank you for this journey, didn't want it to stop"

A big big thank you for this journey, didn't want it to stop. I act fast now like that's the biggest change i have felt in me, many more to come i am sure as i continue but i have realised, i don't keep contemplating i act. If wrong i say sorry if right i enjoy. It causes a lot of stress...
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Shiwaani Arora 

Mother, Tutor, Educational Enthusiast

Surat, India

Be Extraordinary

"This quest made me know that I can harness myself better to achieve my goals faster"

I've started to meditate every morning now and I have to say that doing the segment intending exercise or the creative visualizations helps to clear my mind and know my visions better. I feel very great having to finish this quest...
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Rosa Hermoso


Cainta, Philippines

Be Extraordinary

"This is defiantly something that should be taught in schools"

Level 4 Awareness I have felt level 1 and level 2 a few times in my life, I even felt level 3 a few times. Not knowing it was a level at all, and or even believing it was happening. It was short lived but now that I know what it is I will be keeping my intention on it. I fell to level 1 r...
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Author, mother, entrepreneur

Oliver, Canada

Be Extraordinary

"I finally know and believe I am a healer, and I want to continue to learn to heal"

My awakening started Aug 2019, I was running a pub but everything I kept doing would go the opposite of what I was trying to do. Soon enough I realized something was pulling me from what I thought I was suppose to be doing. Just before I got a huge promotion I said "No thank you" no matte...
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Author, entrepreneur

Oliver, Canada

Be Extraordinary

"I am much more at peace and enjoying life in the now whilst using creative visualization to create the future that I want and healing my body on the way"

* Before this program I have tried meditation before. I have read the book The Code of the Extraordinary mind and started practicing meditation then, but I didn't stick to it. * Thanks to this program I grapsed the idea of the purpose of active meditation better and now I practice it ever...
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Lysette Caetano do Rego


Haren Gn, Netherlands

Be Extraordinary

"I now feel much more grounded, happier and at ease with myself"

Before this program I felt unsure of myself, and of my capacity to move forward. I now feel much more grounded, happier and at ease with myself, and capable of taking up just about any challenge!!
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Isabel Welsh


Funchal, Portugal

Be Extraordinary

"Today, I feel centered more than ever before"

Looking at the past five years, life has sent me important messages. I wanted to tap into "life's energy" and visualise the seeds which have been planted to direct my steps. Some of the times, I struggled with facts happening...while actually they were reaching out to help me grow. Thank...
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Cédric Etienne

interior architect

Antwerp, Belgium

Be Extraordinary

"The apartment that I was visualizing in a 3 years plan came in 15 days"

I have been practicing and working in personal growth for at least the last 5 years... I was meditating taking care my nutrition and my body and applying kindness to everyone.. at least I was thinking that I was doing all the above.. With “be extraordinary” quest everything has changed i...
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Zoi Samantzi 

Bussiness owner

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, shows you how to unleash your mind, be in elevated states of gratitude and bend reality to become truly extraordinary in this 30 day Quest.
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