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Be Extraordinary

"Now my life is getting better"

Before this program I had the impression to work in no direction, couldn't find my path. Lack of inner confidence in business. Thanks to this program I feel more support and it helps me to take better decision about me. I'm at the begining of my quest. I'm a native french speaker and app...
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Jeff Mano


Villeneuve-Loubet, France

Be Extraordinary

I’m sooo grateful for this new Spiritual tool

Many blessings have come to me as I have been emerged in this program. I have opened a deeper dimension of Me and my ability to go deeper into meditation to receive Divine guidance on my journey. I absolutely Love the Merging Technique and love communicating with the Energy in more profou...
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Janet Grace Nelson

Love Your Life Coach

Big Bear Lake, United States

Be Extraordinary

"Thank to this program for showing me how to forgive, meditate better"

Thank to this program for showing me how to forgive, meditate better. And to learn to bend reality and the differences between the two types of reality. Making my life better and feel better about myself.
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Travis Lewis

Body Shop Manager

Minatare, United States

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Be Extraordinary

"I would recommend this quest to anyone... literally anyone."

This has impacted my relationship very positively and sparked in my husband a longing for personal change for himself! I have also noticed how much more love I feel for people, not just in my close circle, but for people around the world. While I always loved and feel I have always loved deeply,..

Rebecca Factor


Nashville, United States

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Be Extraordinary

"This is a story about survival"

This is not a story about courses that have transformed my life. This is a story about survival. In November 2 yrs ago, I lost 2 family members. A rescue dog from Spain that I tried to help but failed and shortly after my cat at 17 yrs old of age. At that time, my only other family membe...
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Jane Raidma

life artist

Vagnhaerad, Sweden

Be Extraordinary

" I've also learned tools that help me to more appreciate life and move to achieve my goals"

Before this programm, I was stressed about the future. But with this programm I know understand that rules govern the univers and to bend our reality we have to respects those rules. I've also learn tools that help me to more appreciate life and move to achieve my goals. Thanks to Vishen...
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Alexis TABO


Dakar, Senegal

Be Extraordinary

"Now feel quietly happy in my heart that I am in the right place at the right time"

The reason I enrolled in this quest was the pain and suffering I experienced when i realized that social conditioning (Brules) was the reason my marriage broke up after only just 2 months. I was so distressed and angry I made the decision to work on disentangling the myself from the subtl...
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Mary Choo

OT Kinesiologist Mindfulness Practitioner

Perth, Australia

Be Extraordinary

"This course has helped me write my blueprint for the soul"

My awakening. I was down and out in 2017/2018. Lost my Dad to cancer then Son within a 6 month period. I faced huge personal challenges, depression, anxiety, suicide, I was in a dark place, many times wanting to end the pain and suffering, pain killers and sleeping pills within easy reach...
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James Peters

Life Coach

Marden, United Kingdom

Be Extraordinary

"What Vishen has taught me is how to combine meditation with my own purpose"

it's making such a difference with breakthrough thinking for my business and practice and has helped to move forwards and manifest what I've previously been...
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Steve Hall

Owner of Beealigned Coaching and Consultancy


Be Extraordinary

"I have detached myself from any OUTCOME and I will ACCEPT if no matter what"

Before this program, I was in the victim stage to some extent and very focussed on the outcome With this program I have learned the concept of loving the journey and progress of life and enjoying it to the fullest, contributing every day, which is my DHARMA in the later half of my life as...
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Horsley, Australia

Be Extraordinary

"l am exploring myself to be extraordinary"

Before this program,l was depressed and confused to find a meaning of my life.Through this program I became conscious of the abilities of my subconscious mind and now l am exploring myself to be extraordinary.Thanks to Mind valley and Vishen sir.
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Chenna Lakshmi

Home maker

Proddatur, India

Be Extraordinary

"The program really helped me to see my own value and to see that I have to seek what inspires me"

My confidence was at rock bottom but now I am excited about the future and my own abilities to create a better life for my family and others. Joining Mindvalley All Access has made me feel like...
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Angela Silis


Exeter, United Kingdom

Be Extraordinary

"Now I wake up every day with gratitude, a sense of purpose, and excitement of how my day will unfold"

The course I enrolled in Mindvalley is not the first one in terms of online coaching. I did various other videos and read several books—however, the aesthetic and the way the contents are cohesively arranged accelerates your learning. Most importantly...
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Chanyoung Kang

Mechatronic Engineer

Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, shows you how to unleash your mind, be in elevated states of gratitude and bend reality to become truly extraordinary in this 30 day Quest.
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