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Be Extraordinary

"I feel empowered by the content of the program"

I feel empowered by the content of the program. I feel as I am starting on an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth beyond my wildest imagination. One of my 3MIQ for Contribution includes teaching kids and teenagers "To be Extraordinary" as a part of Mindvalley. It is one of my 50% of...
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Julia McDaniel

School Psychologist

Roseville, United States

Be Extraordinary

"I need this course extraordinarily much"

I have manifested many tornadoes in my life and in the life of my loved ones. Alcoholism followed an opiate addiction after getting my wisdom teeth removed after college. During this time I was having the greatest career success I’d have. Radio shows moved from St. Louis, Los Angeles and...
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PauL Cook

Radio/on-camera host, author, speaker

St. Louis, United States

Be Extraordinary

"This was one of the most amazing courses I have done for the past number of years"

It got me excited in life again and connected with my inner essence. Before this quest, I was fast and furiously going down the rabbit hole, caught up in brulles and dogma. Doing this amazing course has helped me to create a healthier routine and build towards a more awesome life. Even my...
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Beverley Schafer

Deputy Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

Cape Town, South Africa

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Be Extraordinary

"The quest helped me to create a solid morning routine build on the elements that Vishen taught us which makes me 10 times more efficient"

Would I recommend the Be Extraordinary Quest? Yesssssssss!!!! Why? Because it will help you to find yourself, your TRUE YOU and your true purpose in life. Before the quest my visions were big but I couldn't really sort my mind because I wasn't able to detach myself from external influence...

Inken Stolley


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Be Extraordinary

"I feel the program is helping me decide which road I will take"

Before starting this program I was confused about where my life was going... at a crossroads.. But I feel the program is now helping me decide which road I will take. I’ll continue and see where it leads me 😊
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Healthcare Quality & Safety Specialist

Dublin, Ireland

Be Extraordinary

"Today I feel that I am a much better person and that I can live life in very intense happiness"

I entered this program at a time of great transition in my professional and personal life. I can say that without a doubt it was the best experience I had in the last years. Amazing how this program helped me to have the courage to pursue my goals, understand my purpose and free myself from ...
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Caio Agmont

CEO, Ages Bioactive Compounds

São Paulo, Brazil

Be Extraordinary

"The program has given me a toolkit for life that will enable my growth every single day"

Before the program, I was invested in my personal and spiritual growth, but was lost for specific ways in which I could apply them in practice. The program has given me a toolkit for life that will enable my growth every single day. Almost feel like new skies have opened up and new pathways ...
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Anubhav Shrivastava

Associate Director

Dublin, Ireland

Be Extraordinary

"I am fully open for complete transformation"

I am a digital entrepreneurs looking for massive results.. Coming to this class was a magic moment.. As I made up my mind to come.. But I was falling short of money at the moment... But suddenly I met one of my dear friends and he decided to sponsor my ticket... I am fully open for co...
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Digital Entrepreneur

Pondicherry, India

Be Extraordinary

"I see clearly that I can help others now I am learning to help myself on a deep level"

Before this program I was overwhelmed trying to take care of all the details of everything I wanted and worrying about the how. Thanks to this program I have learned tools to break my own Brules and let go of limitations to become Unfuckwithable (I rarely ever used swear words and judged ot...
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Larissa Wild

Owner: Larissa Wild Fine Art Consulting. Co-Owner: MTN Luxury Group

Eagle, United States

Be Extraordinary

"During this program synchronicity and support has shown up in many ways"

During this program synchronicity and support has shown up in many ways. A friend invited me to share a guided meditation with her. When I said "yes" she asked to invite others and offered to function as host for a zoom meeting. With her support, I now offer a fresh guided meditation wee...
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Padmani Stone


Albuquerque, United States

Be Extraordinary

"Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence"

Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence, have goals to achieve, know the purpose of my life, meditate everyday by choice, smile more often, love myself, and yes I'm now unfuckwithable. I know my capabilities and my strengths and I am writing my own destiny. I have recruited people...
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Navi Mumbai, India

Be Extraordinary

"I have learned how to better structure my days"

Before this program I felt like there was more that I could accomplish. I have learned how to better structure my days. I now feel grateful for the tools that I have been given.
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Felton Wooten


Greensboro, United States

Be Extraordinary

"Loved every minute of it"

Thanks to this program I now feel much more positive and confident. I feel like I am moving forward positively and am more focused about realising my vision to share my creative skills to promote health and well being. I did not believe that I would be able to commit to 30 days as I was too busy...
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Christine Cochrane


Brora, United Kingdom

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, shows you how to unleash your mind, be in elevated states of gratitude and bend reality to become truly extraordinary in this 30 day Quest.
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