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Be Extraordinary

"Thank you for bringing belief in me that I can make anything that I can dream of"

A very big thanks to mind valley and Vishen sir for creating this program. This is extremely helpful for me to take actions what I think to do in my life. Thank you for bringing belief in me that I can make anything that I can dream of. Yes universe will support us if it's their in the fa...
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Yadgir, India

Be Extraordinary

"It has helped me with getting into a habit of meditation for the last 30 days which is a miracle in itself"

I got a lot of new insights through this program which I was not aware of despite reading books on motivation and self help for years. Also I need to say that I have been struggling with meditation for ever and have been trying and giving up meditation over and over again. The meditations...
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Anurag Arya

IT Project Manager

Mumbai, India

Be Extraordinary

"Since I started this Quest, the company has started showing a keen interest in taking the business idea forward"

There was a business model which I was working on since the last 1 year. The business required a tie up with a certain company. Though the company was interested in doing business, it was taking too long to finalise a deal and the formalities. I was really excited about doing this busines...
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Chintan Shah

Trader / Tax Consultant / Dreamer

Mumbai, India

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Be Extraordinary

"I highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!"

I would highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!  This was one of the first Mindvalley quests I took, and I’m so glad I did due to the wide range of helpful topics that it taught me.  Vishen is such a great teacher with his direct and easy way of explaining things i...

Claire VanBeber


New York, United States

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Be Extraordinary

"Because of BE I hit the goals that I thought I would never hit"

After taking Be Extraordinary quest, Veera's biggest dreams came true...
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Veera Gupta


New Jersey, United States

Be Extraordinary

"I have learned so much from this course over the last 30 days. I am a completely different person"

I now have a daily practice. I have an emotional equilibrium. I am more focused. I have had several epiphanies about my direction and the work I should be doing. I am more at peace with myself and my life. I feel I am more present, accepting and happy, and therefore a better wife and mother...
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Elizabeth Gibson

Chief Vision Officer, 5 Stage Growth LLC

San Marcos, United States

Be Extraordinary

"I FINALLY published the translation in Italian of a Qigong book, a very important book for me"

I started to get new habits, like: when I wake up I practice gratitude, every day, then I create a harmonious qifield and I send qi (energy), gratitude and Unconditional Love to the first glass of water that I drink, and also to my daughter's water that she brings to school...
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Delia Trezza

Only me

Catania, Italy

Be Extraordinary

"This programme has shifted my perspective"

Before this programme, I thought I knew what I wanted, but was struggling to achieve it. I was searching for something, and it became an obstacle in my path. I felt as if my life was on hold. This programme has shifted my perspective. I am able to connect better with my true self and I...
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Anne-Marie Pietersz-Powell

Discovering more from within.

Willemstad, Curaçao

Be Extraordinary

"I see and feel my own transformation"

I gained many insights and experienced a lot of aha moments. I am truly grateful to both Mindvalley and Vishen for this program. I gained confidence about what I want in life...
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Harare, Zimbabwe

Be Extraordinary

"This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind"

Before this program, I was still in the threshold between what I had shed from the first part of my life, to fully embracing the ways of the feminine, which meant NOT forcing myself to figure things out. This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind. I ap...
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Deborah Lukovich, PhD

Writer, Coach, Reflection Partner, Speaker

Jacksonville Beach, United States

Be Extraordinary

"So grateful for this and other programs made available for all of us on Mindvalley!"

Wow-wow-wow...deeply touched by the last days of Being Extraordinary!! Merging is creating enormous shifts. The Water Projects and the Dante Projects I am envisioning come to me as Peace, Prosperity, Justice and for merge with Expansion, Inclusion and Freedom. Golden light.. so grateful f...
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Frans Versteeg

Social Entrepreneur Life Coach

The Hague, Netherlands

Be Extraordinary

"I suggest everyone get the All access membership so that you can choose more programs that are perfect for you"

My life upgraded in amazing ways! I feel part of a more integral loving and extraordinary world and this leads me to keep on evolving and enjoying life in such a state of bliss...
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Antonio Franco


Altamura, Italy

Be Extraordinary

"I was so excited with the tools I've learned that I introduced them to my girlfriend and now she is opening her business""

Eliot took Be Extraordinary quest a few months ago. In this video he is sharing his breakthroughs with Vishen. Eliot was so excited with the tools he learned while doing Be Extraordinary that he introduced them to his girlfriend. And now she is opening her new business!
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Eliot Berenguer

Restaurant General Manager

Malaga, Spain

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, shows you how to unleash your mind, be in elevated states of gratitude and bend reality to become truly extraordinary in this 30 day Quest.
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