"This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind"
Be Extraordinary

"This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind"

Before this program, I was still in the threshold between what I had shed from the first part of my life, to fully embracing the ways of the feminine, which meant NOT forcing myself to figure things out. 

This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind. I appreciated all of the specific techniques that grew my capacity to tap into my intuition and learn that what I want is indeed in alignment with what the universe wants for me, and by extension for others. 
My capacity to embrace the abundance the universe has given me has increased, I can already see my completed memoir and the different ways it will either entertain or provide healing to different groups of people. 

Things are falling in place to get my research published as well, and I am finding my unique writing voice. It is now so clear how I should focus my time and energy, it's crazy. Both my happiness and vision, which began on the right side of the graph but right on the line, steadily went up! Thank you!

Deborah Lukovich, PhD

Writer, Coach, Reflection Partner, Speaker

Jacksonville Beach, United States

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Be Extraordinary

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Manuel Tamay

supervisor at construcion company full time and wall street trader part time

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Be Extraordinary

"Through Be Extraordinary, I've been able to manifest some of my Most Important Questions"

I'm truly grateful to Vishen and the entire Mindvalley community for giving me the tools to grow beyond what I thought possible in my life. There is truly no greater gift than investing in oneself. I will be a Mindvalley student for the rest of my life!
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Be Extraordinary

"I am already experiencing what Vishen is explaining"

I am already experiencing what Vishen is explaining. Its like when we really follow our true path the universe really does open up and reveal itself to you and supports you. I am working abroad at the moment and my boss does not even call me about the work because he trusts me completely and the ...
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Neil Abbott

wind turbine blade technician

Liverpool, United Kingdom

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