"I experienced many miracles"
Be Extraordinary

"I experienced many miracles"

As a girl, my dad always told me to value knowledge over all else, and that wisdom was the truest wealth. So even though I have just started as a healer and life coach along with holding a very rewarding full-time job. I was feeling stagnant in my personal growth, and though I was happy where I was, it just wasn't enough. 

This program came to me when I was looking for answers and has helped with my Transformation journey take a meteoric speed! It tough me some very important tools like aligning my growth to my purpose and identifying means-goals from end-goals. Apart from a lot of important life skills like breaking out of the culturescape and questioning the "Brules" to practicing "Blissipline", I also learned about R.O.S.E. - a principle I grew up with but didn't know what to call it till now! The 30-days program just flew by and it feels like a week ago that I signed up for this batch. But, in the last 30 days, I experienced many miracles, ticked of 3 out of the 4 Why's for starting this program and tapped into the unlimited source of knowledge and intuition that I previously did not understand how to even after reading a lot and trying many other mentoring programs. I would say the program has given me enough tools and support to not just grow from Awakening to Transformation and also helping me map my path ahead, but also to be grateful for and be inspired from how far I have come! 

I am also full of gratitude for an amazing "Be Extraordinary" Community that gave me a lot of support and connection I needed on my journey. I definitely plan to continue my journey of self-growth with Mindvalley of almost 3 years now and wish to be part of the A-Fest some day soon! 

Thank you Vishen, thank you Mindvalley team! 


Shravani Barai

Life Coach

Bengaluru, India

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Be Extraordinary

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Be Extraordinary

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Tallinn, Estonia

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