"I highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!"
Be Extraordinary

"I highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!"

I would highly recommend Vishen’s Be Extraordinary to anyone!  
This was one of the first Mindvalley quests I took, and I’m so glad I did due to the wide range of helpful topics that it taught me.  

Vishen is such a great teacher with his direct and easy way of explaining things in a way that are relatable to your life.  

My favorite parts of this quest were the “I love you” eye gazing mirror technique- teaching you to give yourself more self-love first, which will then enable you to give more love to others.  
Vishen also teaches you how to be happy right now and in the present moment, rather than saving your happiness for a future date or after a certain goal is accomplished, (which paradoxically helps you reach your goals quicker).  
Taking on this mindset is so refreshing in a world that all too often emphasizes happiness as outward achievements and things “out there” rather than something already within you and accessible to you.  

Vishen teaches you that your happiness is up to you and no one else.  I also love the knowledge that I now have of the four levels of consciousness, and the ways in which I can merge with my own consciousness with Vishen’s different merging techniques.  

As a whole, I feel more connected to myself, in tune with my own powers and abilities, and confident to be a part of this world in any way that I choose.   

Thank you Vishen!

Claire VanBeber


New York, United States

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