Lifebook Online

"Now I Believe that I can create the LifeStyle & Version of me I dreamed about"

From my 14th was looking and finding answers about Life... 
Now when I am a little bit over 40 still in the process (and I am glad I am:) 

🎇Life Book as a smartly structured process and charged with Sincerity & Generosity from John and Missy gave me new power for my Wings to fly with more confidence to the direction where Truly I want to go! (still working with my Vision thought, it takes time as any good thing:) 

- I was almost conscious or intuitive for many years in the following areas of my life: as health and Fitness, Intellectual life, Emotional and Parenting, and Quality 
- I needed and in the process to build in missing Puzzels of my life: Social, Career, Relationships areas.

The content itself worth 10-15 thousand of dollars, literally just to know these Ideas, Strategy, Way to Think are Brilliant, and all best from the famous respected experts of the personal development field giving us in Lifebook! Really very generous! 

If I would go through all the recommendations (especially from Q&A: list of books, actions that Life Book has I will become the Best Version of myself. It not easy though for me personally, I will join Mastery LB. to go deeper and I need help:) 

My results are: 
- My Values Exist (not only in my imagination but implemented by real people ) 
- Now I Believe that I can create the LifeStyle & Version of me I dreamed about because now I have the strategy (Where to Go) and the tools ( How to get there). 

Btw, still rewatching lessons for areas I need answers for, career only about 4 times! I am glad I can keep these lessons forever! 

🧡Grateful Mindvalley for bringing John's and Missy's program to us and make affordable. 
🧡 Grateful John and Missy and their children for creating this Gift for us!

Olga Sorrells

Freelancer/In search of myself

Herndon, VA, United States

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Sonya Mann

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