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"You will uncover secrets to life and life in abundance"

I started Lifebook with a 'blank canvas'. 

My life changed drastically in 2020 - we sold half of our family business, gave up our offices and had to find the new normal. I didn't have any employees to manage anymore, the teams and energy that came with an office environment all dissappeared. But in a way this was a good change for me. Im turning 50 this year and it was time to finish my first half. I had a wonderful, successful journey. 
Entering my Jubilee season came as an adjustment. No goals, no budgets, no staff meetings, no deadlines.... It was weird. I cried. And then it was good. And free. And I discovered Lifebook. What an amazing programme. 

After taking this programme I feel centred. I understand so much more of my life. I unlearned negative beliefs. I know where to go from here. I will continue to work in my categories. I will eventually start a second career and change the world :-) 

I know my value and identity comes from God and is not in stuff. Its ok to have a great car - its just a reflection of the value I created. I recommend Lifebook to young and old. You will love this process. You will uncover secrets to life and life in abundance. 

I ended the vision with this realisation: *I've got this one chance in life - I'm gonna go for it. Its so good to be alive and be me. It is well with my soul* Do it. And if you are still unsure. Don't be. This is an investment in you. And you are worth it. Liezel x

Liezel van der Merwe

Business Owner

Pretoria, South Africa

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Lifebook Online

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Lifebook Online

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Tammy Carajan

I am a friend, mom, and executive assistant.

United States

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