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Conscious Parenting Mastery

"The quest has given me a more confident approach to my parenting"

Because of this quest, I do feel that I am becoming a better parent, I listen and I let my son come up with his own solutions to a problem and let him 'feel' his emotions without jumping in to always protect and fix things. I watch his behavior and try to look at the need behind it...
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Giuseppina Gawthorpe

Meditation & Mindfulness Coach/Teacher

Sheffield, United Kingdom


«Реализация того, что действительно соответствует твоему пути»

Спасибо, Джеффри Аллену за 8-мигранную активацию моей настоящей жизни!Всё есть энергия, мир един во всей своей многогранности, а реализация того, что действительно соответствует твоему пути - уже с тобой.Если вы сейчас размышляете, нырнуть или остаться на поверхности  поделюсь дополн...
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Александра Москалёва

Almaty, Kazakhstan


"Mindvalley has given me the tools to realize my potential"

I am a solo parent and full-time research student, so needless to say, my time is fully optimised! I made a commitment to myself to become a more efficient reader with Jim Kwik and wipe my imposter syndrome and other debilitating belief systems with Marissa Peer. Mindvalley has given me...
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Clancy Hall

PhD Candidate

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Featured Story

"I have the tools to stay healthy, instead of succumbing to the endless cycle that was created by our societies: the downward spiral of disease and pharmaceuticals"

I had so many 'a-ha' moments that I sometimes had to stop just for an instant, and process the shock. Weight and inches release, yes indeed -- which will now be permanent! I am #1 -- totally in charge of how my body functions and what happens to it.

Barbara Kessler

United States

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Lifebook Mastery

"Lifebook program was the best invested time for my to get clear not only who I am"

Lifebook program was the best invested time for me to get clear not only who I am but also what I want in life and how I'm gonna make it happen. Thanks to great inspiration of Jon & Missy, structure and systematic work I am now my "better me", happy and fulfilled, knowing exactly...
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Iwona Wencel

President of the Board, WNCL Sp. z o.o.

Warszawa, Poland

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has not only set me back on the right path but has shown me that there are various paths"

I received the Lifebook Program as a gift from a friend who I will forever be grateful to for having given me such an opportunity. Although I would have preferred that I went through this process much earlier in my life, I believe the timing was perfect still. At a time when I needed most...
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Peter Perfecto


Marikina, Philippines

Be Extraordinary

"I now live each day as the person I want to be"

Mindvalley has become my go to program source for personal, spiritual and professional growth. I do the 6 Phase meditation every day, along with the healing mediation and have much greater clarity from participating in master classes and other programs about my vision, calling and how I w...
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Holly Johnson


Vail, United States


"His motivation and especially his constant effort in changing our limiting believes have gotten me a long way"

The Superbrain Quest was great for me because Jim does not just plainly teach the techniques. Instead he really acts as a coach. His motivation and especially his constant effort in changing our limiting believes have gotten me a long way already. I believe in my capability to remember...
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Janis Hülsemann

Physician training in Neurology, St. Bernward Hospital Hildesheim, Germany

Braunschweig, Germany

Speak and Inspire

"Since I started the course I feel I have grown so much as a speaker"

I am so happy to have done Lisa Nichols's course on Mindvalley. Since I started the course I feel I have grown so much as a speaker. I am clear on my direction and I feel so empowered on my path. It was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL! Thank you so much, Mindvalley and thank you so much Lisa...
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Leah Marville

Attorney, Miss Barbados 2009

Mindvalley All Access

"I have launched my online coaching business and now starting my first online course"

At the beginning of 2020, I found myself working and traveling too much, not having time for my family and myself.After several months of isolation and All Access self-development, I have fixed my approach to abundance, increased my spiritual and physical wellness, changed my relationship...
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Elena Pawęta

Mindvalley All Access

"Mindvalley All Access has been instrumental in helping me separate from my husband consciously"

Mindvalley All Access has been instrumental in helping me separate from my husband consciously. I have grown tremendously through programs like Silva Method, Chakra Healing, and now Lifebook. Even my new home feels great being fully Feng Shui!I love how Mindvalley has contributed to my fu...
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Wendy Renslow

Lifebook Online

"Now that I truly know what I want"

I was excited to go on the Lifebook Journey and was not disappointed. 5 years ago I went through a devastating divorce and have had a difficult time getting back on track. Lifebook has helped me to wade through all of the different aspects of my life and set a vision for the dynamic, beau...
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Melissa Kaye

Sales, Mercedes Benz

Memphis, United States


"I managed to complete the IB program in just 1 year"

After taking this course, everything changed. I managed to complete the IB program in just 1 year and I'm looking forward to completing the 4-year Stanford program in just 3 years. Whatever I read or hear gets remembered...
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Arseniy Nasikovskiy


Kiev, Ukraine


"Living WildFit has become a part of my identity"

I think of WildFit as my foundation for making my dreams a reality. I finished in November 2019 and paid to enrol my husband as a Christmas gift (with his encouragement, lead don’t push!). He had an equally amazing experience, releasing 45lbs and counting. He has...
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Sarah Mae

Youth Potential Educator

Vancouver, Canada

Vida Sem Limites

"Foi um dos melhores investimentos que fiz"

A chamada do curso Vida sem limites que falava de Rejeição, num primeiro momento não me chamou a atenção. Não identificava em mim comportamentos e sentimento relacionados à rejeição. Mas como trabalho com desenvolvimento humano, e estudo sobre sentimentos, emoções me despertou interesse e...
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Francini Fabre

Coach - Life

Curitiba, Brazil

Money EQ

"I learned the value of money, shifting from scarcity to an abundance mindset"

Appreciating, having a better relationship with my money; practicing the Arigato in, Arigato Out. It feels lighter every time I do this. By doing this, it is also showing my appreciation to the people giving service to me...
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Mary Louise Belison

Unit Manager / Emperador Distillers, Inc.

Marikina City, Philippines