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Lifebook Online

"I am inspired to create it by enjoying all smaller and bigger steps"

There are some places in Life where you can only go alone.- your dreams and inside your soul. Before this program, I had ordinary life canvas. Thanks to this program, I have fulfilled big picture of my beautiful life. I will paint as well as Leonardo da Vinci - I like metaphors.. My lif...
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Reelika Jeferjev

Executive Coach, Educator

Tallinn, Estonia

Mindvalley for Business

"I've gotten so much out of it and I'm consistently sharing it with other people"

Your experience is awesome and you coach so compassionately it allows us to come up with our own decisions. I am your walking billboard, especially for Lifebook. These quests and the business mentorship have been amazing...
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Lisa Couturier

Founder, Coach and Advisor at R2RLife Coaching

Newark, United States

Awaken The Species

"I have learned so much about myself and the behaviors I need to create happiness"

The "Awaken The Species" program far exceeded my expectations for it has helped me place all my scattered thoughts and emotions into the most beautiful tapestry of life. I have learned...
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Chris Soderiou

Community worker

Melbourne, Australia

Featured Story
Mastering Authentic Networking

"I certainly needed this quest and I’m very happy I did it"

No to Wallflower and Yes to Networking! This quest thought me a whole new perspective on relationships in general. I learned a great deal on what networking is and isn’t, what sets the basis of an authentic relationship and how that can affect my whole life. In addition, all the active partici...

Natalia Filipescu

Employee, Parent, Business Owner

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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The 6 Phase Meditation

"The manifesting that occurred was much quicker than I had imagined"

I was attracting people into my life that have helped propel me in my quest to create a paradigm shift in education. I felt a sense of peace and joy that had been missing from my life. I just need to be sure...
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Victoria Olivadoti

Educator/Educational Consultant

Fountain Valley, United States

Conscious Parenting Mastery

"I’m happy I found this quest, as I wasn’t sure where to start or how"

I have always considered raising my kids differently than how my parents raised me. I see/feel the disconnect with my parents cause of how strict and black and white they were. Feelings were NEVER addressed, heard or empathized. As an adult, I realize how much it effects my current rel...
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Samantha Aziz


Calgary, Ab, Canada

Mindvalley for Business

"One year ahead now, more than 70% of the employees claimed loving this platform and want to keep taking quests"

I knew Mindvalley from a personal standpoint pursuing 3 quests I did over a year and when I was talking to my organization about some key lessons I learned, I realized there was an opportunity to better grant access to the Leadership Team so they can learn at their own pace and choose the...
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Daniel Sierra

General Manager, Duracell Mexico


Mindvalley for Business

"I deeply believe that any person who leads a team or an organization should prioritize the growth of their team"

My journey in personal growth has been only a few months long but accelerated in learning and tangible improvements. Probably the main improvement has been that working on my personal growth has made me deeply interested in the personal growth of my team with immediate results in terms of...
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Daniel Bayram

Outreach Director

Endeavor, Colombia

The Power of Boldness

"It's the most practical quest I took so far"

I had so much courage to do things I haven’t done before in my life. And this brought me more clients than in the last 6 months! It's the most practical quest I took so far, I have now the framework, the motivation and the tools to move further...
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Monica Ducu

Business Mentor/ Coach/ Speaker

Sibiu, Romania

The Power of Boldness

"Naveen Jain has opened my mind in ways I never imagined"

The Power of Boldness is an amazing quest! Naveen Jain has opened my mind in ways I never imagined and he’s encouraged me to think much bigger and bolder than I ever have. He has such a fun and open way of explaining things and even though I don’t know if my moonshot idea can change 1 bil...
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Valerie van Ginhoven

Radical Forgiveness Coach & Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Lima, Peru

The Silva Ultramind System

" Most of all I feel amazing - I can't get over how much energy I have at the end of a workday"

Having applied the mental video technique and the three scenes technique some amazing transformations have happened - at work and on a house move that was stalling and suddenly everything is falling into place. I am so excited to be clear on my goals...
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Jennifer Waters

Wellbeing Coach

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Mindvalley for Business

"We have definitely seen the positive impact of Mindvalley offering our team a powerful toolbox of transformational techniques"

Mindvalley offers many quests that can help develop these areas. The Mindvalley team is very professional and helpful. They listen to our needs, share their expertise and ensure we make the best choices to raise our teams' competencies. They propose additional mentoring episodes to deepen...
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Christelle Juan

Transformation Coach & Consultant

Forest, Belgium

Money EQ

"Thanks to Ken’s program I now see money as an energy that flows to and through me whenever I need it"

As an entrepreneur, this was a shift that needed to be made. I feel much lighter about money and life in general. I loved Ken’s kind and loving presence and learned so much throughout these 21 days...
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Megan Moriarty

Hypnotherapist & Yoga Event Host

Tampa, United States


"Mindvalley programs that have been very beneficial to my focus and growth on my businesses"

I have complete many Mindvalley programs that have been very beneficial to my focus and growth on my businesses. I am trying to have all three of my college enrolled children to focus on these programs and supplement their education with the programs
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Steve Sumner

Principle / GM of multiple companies

Rock Hill, United States

Money EQ

"I will eventually hit my money goal"

More clients are coming in, wanting the services that I love to provide. My bank account is growing steadily, and although, I am far away from my money goal, I am no longer worried about hitting it...
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Juliana Nahas

Functional Pediatrician

Covington, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"I can use a new healing technique to heal myself and others"

Thanks to this program my intuitive and psychic abilities have been improved I can now access altered states of mind faster and use a new healing technique to heal myself and others
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Sara Shatta

Transformational life coach

Cairo, Egypt