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The HoloBody Intensive

"What An Amazing Experience"

Since last November Mindvalley has changed my life.Since January after Lifebook and 10X and a lot of other quests, I knew something incredible opportunity is on the way, but as I wasn't sure "career-wise" what that could be. I knew I could be a great therapist, counselor or ADHD coach or...
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Simonetta Banai

London, United Kingdom

The HoloBody Intensive

"There was so much information provided that you could write an Amazon bestseller based on the technical information alone"

Before this program I was into the first stage of my health health fitness journey to figure things out. I felt consistent to an extent but I had a worry about how I was going to continue this...but here comes Holobody. With the seminars deep understanding of the human psychology dependen...
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Umoja McNeish

Member of SonsofMystro

Hollywood, United States

The HoloBody Intensive

"HOLOBODY Seminar sewed many good seeds in each one of the attendees"

Once again MV exceeded my expectations.  HOLOBODY Seminar sewed many good seeds in each one of the attendees.10X  is making a HUGE impact in the fitness field breaking up with many myths and rules. These 2 days were crazy good. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the 10X team.&...
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Nadya Veliz


The HoloBody Intensive

"Mindvalley proves its motivation to deliver incredible knowledge/value for a very low price to its members"

I was super happy to participate in that (free for Mindvalley members!) event, and even more happy when Vishen announced that Mindvalley was launching a health coaching training program. I had been dreaming about this for 2 years, now, and was really impressed to learn that Holobody was o...
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Michelle Laurin

Self-actualization coach

Montreal, Canada

The HoloBody Intensive

"This seminar reminded me to be so grateful for my body"

Prior to covid, S Factor was my “church” and therapy. It was my Me Time to reconnect with myself and my essence. To recharge and also hold space for my S Sisters. I’ve missed that time to set aside for just me. But then I discovered MindValley and it helped to fill the void and be able to...
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Stay at home mom

Los Angeles, United States

The HoloBody Intensive

"I now want to re-start a yoga practice and start 10X again"

Before this program and before the pandemic, I did yoga 2-3 times a week and started the 10X Quest but stopped after 3 weeks. I now want to re-start a yoga practice and start 10X again. I hope it is still in my programs. I struggle with the idea of aging (I am 83, pretty fit, and retir...
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Judith Boston


San Miguel de. Allende, Mexico

The HoloBody Intensive

"It was amazing, super interesting, and enlightening, as Mindvalley always does!"

I enrolled in this quest to learn new things and techniques I could use for my clients and myself. It was amazing, super interesting, and enlightening, as Mindvalley always does!
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Fernanda Zamora

Consultant / Health Coach

Mérida, Mexico

The HoloBody Intensive

"I have been watching and dancing with Mindvalley"

I met MV 7 years ago at the beginning of my divorce of 34 years!!! I have been watching and dancing with MV. I am blown away the quality of content Vishen what a leader thank you. I was a victim all my life always in my head not good enough... with practice and growth MV has been a sourc...
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Mary Holand


Santa Barbara, United States

The HoloBody Intensive

"Thank you for changing my life"

This whole experience was kind of surreal for me during the whole process. So I’m sorry if this text is a little bit long, but the truth is that I would love for you to get at least a glimpse of how this has impacted me. Mindvalley appeared in my life as random YouTube add on 2019, durin...
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Andrea Paredes

Administrative / Horseback riding instructor / Coaching Newbie

La Rioja, Argentina

The HoloBody Intensive

"My body is mine to treasure"

Holobody Seminar - it’s as if the universe engineered this weekend in order for my desire for transformation to become a reality. Can you transform over night? Maybe, if you think you can, or maybe it’s a culmination of all the times I’ve worked on myself and tried before, only to fail...
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Sue Friend

Volunteer Coordinator

Exeter, United Kingdom

The HoloBody Intensive

"Ronan helped me to unpack the root cause of my pattern that gave me this false belief"

Before the Holobody seminar I believed body and health were two separate features in my life. Ronan helped me to unpack the root cause of my pattern that gave me this false belief and discovered my lack of healthy meals in my diet are because I don’t know how to cook healthy since I was n...
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Norma DeLara

NYC Assistant Principal

New York, United States

The HoloBody Intensive

The HoloBody Intensive with Ronan Diego de Oliveira

In just 2 Days, experience the biggest Health & Fitness Breakthrough Of Your Life with leading-edge mind-body practices that permanently shift your body, your habits & emotions, and your self-identity towards extraordinary wellness.
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