"Thank you for changing my life"
The HoloBody Intensive

"Thank you for changing my life"

This whole experience was kind of surreal for me during the whole process. So I’m sorry if this text is a little bit long, but the truth is that I would love for you to get at least a glimpse of how this has impacted me. 

Mindvalley appeared in my life as a random YouTube add in 2019, during the hardest moment of my life. 
From then on, since I couldn’t afford any program or membership, I watched every single Masterclass, talk and interview I could find. 

In November 2020 scared, anxious and nervous if whether I was making the right decision or not, I invested my savings and bought my very first program, the Silva Method. 
If you have gone through it, I don’t have to tell you how FREAKING AMAZING it was. So I set a goal to have a Mindvalley All-Access Membership within the next 2 years and assisting to Mindvalley U within the next 5.

Call it luck, call it amazing people, call it love, call it energy, call it however you want…but on January 3rd 2021, as I had saved enough to subscribe to Mindvalley Mentoring, a warm, loving and caring soul, Klemen, without even knowing who I was granted me access to Mindvalley. 

That first month, I joined 6 programs. Five months in, I have lost weight I was struggling to lose for YEARS, learnt to meditate, acquired new abilities and routines, learnt to love myself, improved my working environment (in a hospital, during COVID) and accomplished more goals than I had in the last 10 years. 
But there are some huge and deep blockages that I still need to work on, and that Vishen and his meditations in Holobody Seminar helped me begin to see. 

The Coaching Certification to me is the very thing I’ve been secretly wishing for. And since the country I live in right now is socioeconomically f*cked up, and my currency is worth almost nothing, I cannot afford it right now. But this is my dream coming true, and I’m willing to give it all for it and let go of what I have to in order to achieve it. Not only for my own healing and transformation but to have the tools to find and f*ucking support, guide and love every single human out there that is going through the same experiences and still thinks there’s no way out, that you have to get used to living in pain, suffering and in shadows. 

The first bold step I have taken, that I feel the urge to share because I’ve been crying about it since yesterday when the seminar finished, was putting up for sale my horse Karsimático. To me, it feels like selling my own son. 
You see, I’m a horseback riding instructor and I’ve been teaching different disciplines including vaulting, showjumping, hippotherapy and coaching with horses since I was 15. Kari has been with me since 2003 when I started training him. 
We have won showjumping competitions, we have worked with participants with cerebral palsy and autism, and we have taught sooo many people on the way and had so much fun. So it is a hell of mixed feelings, but my goal is clear, and I have to take this step. 

So, if this works and before the deadline on Friday I somehow manage to get my hands onto the capital I need, you bet your as* I’m gonna invest it all in this certification. If I don’t, you bet your a*s you’re gonna be hearing from me in a year and a half when the next one opens.
 It is freaking hard, but OH MY GOODNESS it is worth it. I am worth it. Mindvalley is worth it. 

Sending love and tears full of joy and excitement to all of you. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for changing my life.

Andrea Paredes

Administrative / Horseback riding instructor / Coaching Newbie

La Rioja, Argentina

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