"This seminar reminded me to be so grateful for my body"
The HoloBody Intensive

"This seminar reminded me to be so grateful for my body"

Prior to covid, S Factor was my “church” and therapy. It was my Me Time to reconnect with myself and my essence. To recharge and also hold space for my S Sisters. I’ve missed that time to set aside for just me. 

But then I discovered Mindvalley and it helped to fill the void and be able to continue working on myself.

 I’ve taken 10X, Conscious Parenting, Lucid Dreaming, and RTT for Abundance and they’ve been amazing! Then Sheila had a session in the Holobody seminar and I blissed out! I really hope they offer a course with her on MV soon. 

This last year was hard for many reasons, but I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. I had surgery and was put on continuous birth control to help manage the chronic pain. But the hormones threw my body off and I gained 30 pounds and found it incredibly difficult to keep up with intermittent fasting. 
The weight gain made me feel bad about myself and I’ve been working really hard to love and nurture my body instead of resenting it. 

This seminar reminded me to be so grateful for my body that has created 2 beautiful boys and shown up for me every day. 
Instead of putting off fun things until I lose the weight, I’m going to make a point every day to show my body love and gratitude, check in to see what she needs, and enjoy life without punishing myself for gaining weight.

 Thank you to all the people that made Holobody possible. I appreciate you!


Stay at home mom

Los Angeles, United States

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San Miguel de. Allende, Mexico

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