"This quest has helped improve my overall wellbeing"
The Mastery of Sleep

"This quest has helped improve my overall wellbeing"

Hello everyone! I'm Jan Mckingley Hilado from Cebu, Philippines. Before taking this quest, I already knew there was something wrong with my sleeping patterns. When I have a rough day, I often have a hard time falling asleep, sometimes taking more than an hour before I can fall asleep. And when I do fall asleep, most of the times, I feel like I haven't slept at all since my mind is still on and working, and when my eyes open in the morning, it felt like I was only closing my eyes for the whole 6-8 hours, without truly sleeping. And when I'm like this, I'm often irritable and sleep the whole day, and I can't focus and can't be productive. I also try napping, but most of the time, my nap will just turn to a 30-minute thinking while closing my eyes, not really able to nap at all. That's why I decided to take this quest so I can finally fix this problem once and for all. So when I started and finished the quest, that's where I found out that I was actually a Dolphin chronotype, a naturally born insomniac, and that there are ways to fix this problem. I also discovered the Uni-hemispheric type of sleeping similar to Dolphins wherein we are half-asleep and half-awake at the same time, the reason why I always felt I haven't had gotten any real sleep all throughout the night. When I finally started applying the specific techniques for my chronotype, my overall sleep quality has improved drastically and I'm now able to sleep faster, deeper, and waking up feeling more refreshed and energized. It has helped me drastically to improve my focus and productivity during the day, and it has helped me dissolve my previous beliefs that I need to have 8 hours of sleep, when in reality, based on my Chronotype, I only need 6 hours of sleep. Overall, this quest has helped improve my overall wellbeing and I'm very thankful I took this quest in the first place

Jan Mckingley Hilado


Cebu City, Philippines

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