"This quest has definitely removed many doubts"
The Mastery of Sleep

"This quest has definitely removed many doubts"

I was going to take this quest after I finished 3 other quests that I just started. However, fate forced me to take this at midnight as I suffered from a horrible night's sleep (woken up for a few hours). Before the quest, I genuinely thought that sleeping is just sleeping on its own and only anything that might affect you during sleeping is things like lights, sound, smell etc. (Things you do during the day would affect you greatly!) This quest has definitely removed many doubts and also learned many useful methods + tricks + knowledge on the topic of sleep! One example is I thought that everyone can choose when they want to sleep and the results after sleep would be roughly the same, but no, we all have our own chronotype and specific sleeping requirements customized to our own body. My most dominant why I want to complete this quest is to feel good after waking up instead of feeling like a zombie crawling through the world day by day. I hope this reason might resonate with some of you! This is the STJX, the Dolphin here, wishing you SWEAT DREAMS!

Simon Tan Jin Xun

University Student

Penang, Malaysia

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The Mastery of Sleep

"I am here to rectify my sleep pattern, duration, quality, and thereby enhance the quality of every other area of my life"

This is my 1st day of The Mastery of Sleep Quest. As an architecture student, I learned to sleep less. That was 25 years ago, yet that pattern (and the mental glorification of it) has stayed on. It's like I pride myself on sleeping less. But I sense that it has taken a toll on my memory...
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Sanjay Mhatre

Founder-Director, Architecture MasterClass

Mumbai, India

The Mastery of Sleep

"I found myself talking about my learnings to everyone around me because I thought it was so awesome!"

I found this quest to be very instructive and interesting. I learned a lot of new things I never heard of in my training as a coach in naturopathy. I found myself talking about my learnings to everyone because I thought it was so awesome! Thank you, Dr. Breus, for all this precious information.
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Michelle Laurin

Montreal, Canada

The Mastery of Sleep

"Looking forward to getting the right information"

I have been having a sleeping problem more than two decades and looking forward to getting the right information and freeing myself from this issue finally.
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

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