The Mastery of Sleep

"This course has turned my life around"

I decided to join the sleep mastery course immediately after Dr. Breus’ masterclass. The masterclass was an Aha! moment because I realised how poor my overall sleep quality was and how it was negatively impacting every aspect of my life. There were so many gold nuggets in the course that it’s difficult to choose just one. One that ranks high is learning that my chronotype is a Dolphin. The personality and behaviour were spot on and getting an individualized routine helped me tremendously. 
The most transformative results, at the end of the course, were my ability to focus better during the day, having more energy and being able to prepare my mind for sleep with the power-down hour. 
Overall, this course has turned my life around. I’ve learned that sleep science affects us on every level and now, aspects of my life have improved through my commitment to practice all that I’ve learned. I would both highly and strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

Giselle R

Web content provider

Trinidad and Tobago

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The Mastery of Sleep

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The Mastery of Sleep

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Matthew Loshaw

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Nashville, United States

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