"If you want big changes take this quest"
The Mastery of Sleep

"If you want big changes take this quest"

Taking this quest was a mayor change in my life because we do not know the importance of sleep in our lives and we do not value the effect ir haves. Many ideas i had about sleeping changed thanks to this quest and are now a must in my life. If you want big changes take this quest

Luis Cesar


Mexico City, Mexico

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The Mastery of Sleep

"The sleep mastery was really the best quest ever!"

I was able to accomplish something that seemed impossible to me for more than 30 years! I started the quest going to bed at 4am, 5am and sometimes 6am, waking up at least one time per night and having trouble to start my day in the morning. Now I go to sleep between...
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Maria Ortiz


Santa Marta, Colombia

The Mastery of Sleep

"This quest has definitely removed many doubts"

This quest has definitely removed many doubts and also learned many useful methods + tricks + knowledge on the topic of sleep! One example is I thought that everyone can choose when they want to sleep and the results after sleep would be roughly the same, but no, we all have our own...
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Simon Tan Jin Xun

University Student

Penang, Malaysia

The Mastery of Sleep

"I feel more rested each morning"

Since completing this program I get to bed more easily, fall asleep much more quickly and stay asleep better, even falling back asleep after waking in the middle of the night is easier. I feel more rested each morning. It has helped my mental aspects of sleep tremendously.
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Mark Hruska

Physical Therapist Assistant

San Marcos, United States

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