"I'm embarking on this programme to improve my sleep quality"
The Mastery of Sleep

"I'm embarking on this programme to improve my sleep quality"

I'm embarking on this programme to improve my sleep quality.

Elaine McMeeking

Company director

Cambridge, New Zealand

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The Mastery of Sleep

"I'm practically bouncing out of bed in the morning"

Yay I've just finished "The Mastery of Sleep" and Wow what a great quest, my sleep was becoming increasingly disturbed, restless with me waking about 4-5 times a night and still feeling completely shattered in the morning. Now I'm only waking once maybe twice and I'm practically bouncing...
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Pippa Hyde

Cafe worker

Tauranga, New Zealand

The Mastery of Sleep

"This quest has helped improve my overall wellbeing"

When I finally started applying the specific techniques for my chronotype, my overall sleep quality has improved drastically and I'm now able to sleep faster, deeper, and waking up feeling more refreshed and energized. It has helped me drastically to improve my focus and productivity...
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Jan Mckingley Hilado


Cebu City, Philippines

The Mastery of Sleep

"This quest really brought understanding what a huge difference good quality sleep makes"

Clearly sleep is important, but this quest really brought how what a HUGE difference good quality sleep makes. The quest strikes a good balance between the practicalities of establishing good sleep habits as well as providing the theory and research underpinning everything. I wasn't quite ...
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Dr. Vegard Engen

Manager, Teacher, Researcher and Holistic Therapist

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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