"I feel great satisfaction"
The M Word

"I feel great satisfaction"

I will be 72 years old in two months. I wanted to meditate for many years but could not. A few years ago I was finally able to start with one minute and work up to ten minutes, but my practice was very irregular. Sometimes weeks or months passed with no practice at all. With Emily's expertise and warm support I have completed this Quest. I may have missed one day, but I am able to ignore my perfectionism to claim a huge victory of almost continuous daily meditation for fifteen minutes or more for a month!. Unprecedented! I feel great satisfaction and hope that the cumulative benefits will continue to strengthen my self-discipline, improve my resilience to frustration at normal minor annoyances, and help the tolerance for my own and others' imperfections transform into deep love for "just what is." With regular incremental adjustments, I can envision even more of the dreams of my childhood, deferred so long, coming to fruition for my highest good and the highest good of all. I am truly grateful to Emily and her team. Namaste Y'all!

Robert Gross


Decatur, United States

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The M Word

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The M word helped me sleep better.
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Cris Fernandez

People and Culture Head

São Paulo, Brazil

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