"I want to be in the best shape ever"
The Longevity Blueprint

"I want to be in the best shape ever"

I have always had to maintain some form of exercise and health considerations due to the Army. I have always struggled with my BF % since I was 40. I am tired of fighting it I want to be in the best shape ever as I turn 60 in 1.5 years. I want to be better than when I was 40. And I want to live on this plain as long as I can so that I can enjoy and keep up with my children and grand-children.

Dean Wood

US Army Officer

Vicenza, Italy

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The Longevity Blueprint

"I am happy to be learning and acting on the things that I learn"

The learnings/knowledge that has been shared by Ben has been a revelation and has opened the way ahead for me. Physically,I seem to to be slim (except for my tummy which is a bit out) and quite okay compared to people of my ge of 50 years, in India. I actually dont feel 50 and feel very...
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Mazhar Shaikh

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The Longevity Blueprint

“In medical school we are taught nothing like this"

I feel ashamed being a medical doctor.. In medical school we are taught nothing like this... and that's real shame... I really feel whole medical science is focusing much on disease and pathology. Instead the focus has to be health, fitness & longevity.
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The Longevity Blueprint

"Relatively fit but want to do much better"

Starting my journey. Relatively fit but want to do much better.
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Steve Kirstiuk


Surrey, Canada

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