"I feel I can lose fat and gain muscle in a better way"
The Longevity Blueprint

"I feel I can lose fat and gain muscle in a better way"

Before this program i had joined so many fitness clubs and gyms and they all had different type of suggestions to lose fat.However,none of them worked for my body.After listening to Mr.Ben i feel i can lose fat and gain muscle in a better way because i can relate to his research work and professional background.Whatever he says,makes sense and i hope that i achieve goals of longevity and beauty after this quest.

Kavita Krishnamoorthy


Thane, India

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The Longevity Blueprint

"I developed a broader perspective on health and fitness as an aspect of Longevity"

I started off as not an organised and disciplined person but developed self discipline during the quest. I do my daily routine of hot and cold shower, intermittent fasting and fasted morning walk. I’ve taken some lifelong skills on building and sticking to routines and exercises.
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Manshweta Kuniyal

Bachelor of surgery bachelor of medicine

Dehradun, India

The Longevity Blueprint

"I lost 18 pounds and dropped in body fat percentage"

It turned out to be the perfect quest to keep me active, continually getting fitter and providing the empowering values that I can manifest the ideal physical body I desire and reverse my aging, by practicing the exercises, techniques and lifestyle habits covered in the quest.
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David Alden

Registered Massage Therapist

Ottawa, Canada

The Longevity Blueprint

"The Quest has given me an excellent foundation for becoming fit and making movement part of my healthy lifestyle"

The Quest has given me the structure and guidance that I needed to start to improve my physical health. I suffer from chronic pain and until now, have not been able to find a fitness program that gives me exercises that I can actually do to build strength and improve my symptoms. The Quest p...
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Lisa Mendivil

Phoenix, United States

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