The Longevity Blueprint

"I am in love with this program"

The cool thing for me right now even just starting my program with Ben Greenfield I was always in such great shape and I could eat whatever I wanted without paying any price, I ate well for the most part but Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen was certainly on my list of favorites. I took my body for granted as I was athletic in my early years and I danced and taught dance for many years into my early 40s and I then closed my dance studio and started to sit FAR More and focus so much in design only. Before I was doing both and I was in great shape. 

Suddenly in my mid to late 40s started to gain weight and my health started to fail and I was no longer very active and I gained 40 pounds slowly without realizing and I was so uncomfortable in my body and felt tired and ill. I am only 5ft2 and my normal weight was 110 pounds and I was super strong and an acrobat. I did recently break up with good old Timmys and the Queen and I am not seeing them every day any longer, it has been a month and a bit now. I was slowly getting better in the way I feel. 

Since I have started with Ben Greenfield in a short amount of time, I started to follow his tips just off the course introductions, before the course truly started for me and I have already lost 13 pounds and I feel mentally capable of getting the results I desire. I love the way he breaks it all down and has neat tips I had not heard of before. I have learned so much already and I am excited and look forward to more. Now I feel like I can do this no problem and as an instructor and life coach as well as a fashion designer where I help people also fall in love with their bodies. I would certainly guide anyone interested to this course 100%. For myself and the way I feel and look, I have always wanted to lead by example and so I feel that Ben has given me not only my personal drive back but my deep love for myself and a solution for others to be helpful. I tell myself, "I had to fall out to find out". I am in LOVE with this program and excited to complete it with Ben. Mindvalley, Thank You for your journey and sharing and being here to help and guide in the most unique ways. This isn't the only course I have taken and I will certainly look forward to more. 

I have included 2 photos ....... what I looked like before I gained the weight at the age of 42 and a photo of where I am now at 49 after I gained the weight. I super look forward to firming and tightening my body back up again. The way I look at our "body" is. It is the only thing we truly own in this entire lifetime and so I am looking forward to the best me I can be and get back into me again, which makes me more effective to help others. 

Now I can honestly say, "Oh I too had gained weight in life and had to figure it out". When people looked at me before they just figured I was lucky and frankly so did I to be honest. Well...... I am lucky, Lucky I found a brilliant and effective solution for a lifestyle change to switch things back ;))))) 

With the Biggest Smiles, Excitement, and Love, Aashlee Morginn

Aashlee Morginn

Owner/Designer / Aashlee Morginn Designs

Delta, Canada

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