"I found that I was getting new results, I was pushing myself to new limits"

"I found that I was getting new results, I was pushing myself to new limits"

I decided to take 10X program because it's a different method of working out: it's quicker, it's faster, it's more efficient, and that's what I like to get out of a workout. It lets you get the results as quickly as possible. 

I first discovered this type of workout with 10X program. And, you know, I decided to try it at the gym and I wasn't very impressed. As I already used to go to the gym and as a gym-goer, I found that I was getting new results, I was pushing myself to new limits. I was working my way up and then slowly working my way down with my negatives and that actually gave me a lot more functionality, and a lot more endurance, in my workouts. This gave me that extra push, and I highly recommend it. 

Regarding my results so far: one of my biggest hobbies is - I'm a mountaineer. So it helped me out a lot with rock climbing specifically for my functionality my strength, in my endurance especially.

Ahmad Rahman

New York, United States

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