"Thanks to this program, I am down 20 pounds so far and have the hope that I can lose another 15-20"

Before this program, I was starting to feel old for my 59 years! 

When I found this program, I was ready to make a change. I am going to be 60 years old in September and wanted to get down to the weight that I was 12 years ago. 

Thanks to this program, I am down 20 pounds so far and have the hope that I can lose another 15-20 by my Birthday. A few weeks ago, I started my “intentional movement“ and I am gaining back the endurance that I used to have. I love it that I crave healthy foods! And that I have many techniques for keeping the sugar monster at bay! 

I love the way this program was designed with slowly changing our diet. It has worked really well for me! I am also happy to report that I am off all of my blood pressure medications! That was a huge goal for me but I didn’t realize how much my diet played a part. I look forward to my healthier future!

Julie Yanitor


Alpine, United States

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Michelle Campbell

Customer Service Representative

Brampton, Canada


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Susanne Boëthius

Personal coach for Business Owners and executives, Psychotherapist/Analyst

Zürich, Switzerland


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Stephanie DeYoung

Senior Director Learning & Professional Development at Consulting Firm

New York City, United States

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