"I am so glad I took this challenge, I got my life back and so much more"

I joined Wildfit to lose weight. In my family the females are heavy and I promised myself that I would break the trend. 

I live in the US, I am married and have 3 adult children. My husband of 25 years is a cancer patient of 24 years. He started a new chemotherapy in November of 2019 and had the most horrible experience out of all we have been going through over the years. 

While supporting him through this life-threatening circumstance I was incredibly stressed and managing my business with new inexperienced team and my daughter away in college. I began eating and gaining weight to the point where I only had 2 pair of stretch jeans that I could fit. My life became so overwhelmingly miserable 😖. My husband did improve, but is now on even more debilitating medication. My sales are the lowest ever but bills were paid. 

BUT, I COULD NOT LOSE WEIGHT! I hated myself, I broke my promise to myself ! I did not want to buy bigger clothes, I love the fabulous wardrobe that l have. I had to do something, I have tried many diets in the past to keep my weight in check, but nothing that worked in the past was working now. 

In March, Covid 19 quarantine happened, luckily we had just got out of the hospital and completed the first part of therapy. We had already been quarantined so no one had seen me. Now it’s time to go back to work, at least clients could not see me. I shifted my team to work remotely and was so glad I did not have to see anyone. 

I joined Mindvalley prior to the time in the hospital to find peace of mind. I have taken many rewarding classes with Mindvalley and came across WILDFIT. 

My journey with WILDFIT has been slow starting, I gained more weight in the first 2 weeks, but I felt better about myself. I have learned so much about my eating habits, food phycology devil/angel and sugar monster. I know that I am in control and feel confidently armed with enough educational information and support that I can easily effect lasting change. I love alkagizers and have explored many new foods and recipes. Eric and the phenomenal team make sessions intriguing, easy and fun to do, I looked forward to daily engagements. I began sleeping better right away. I have great energy and no more afternoons of uncontrollable hunger, fatigue and edginess. 
Debilitating depression has subsided. My eyes are clear and the itchy feeling of something in my eye is gone. Also, the blue ring around my iris has disappeared. I feel clear-minded and my memory has substantially improved and the fogginess is gone. My skin looks beautiful and my hair has stopped breaking. I can smile again! My daughter is home and she drinks alkagizers along with me and my husband. He is able to walk again, he has a long way to go but the depression, frustration, anger and low energy he experiences is better.
 Things were amazingly better even though I had yet to lose any weight. Well, In week 12, I did the 3 day fast and finally went into ketoses. I released 13 pounds! And have continued to release more weight. 

I can fit more of my clothes, a little snug but I can manage. I thought it was over for me, I had failed myself! Taking care of everything and everyone except myself. I needed to do something for me, I turn 60 at the end of December, so that inspired me to take the WILDFIT challenge as my last Hope ! 
I am so glad I took this challenge, I got my life back and so much more, things are better than I ever expected. I even have my radiant youthfulness back and feel good about turning 60. I am so pleased, delighted, happy and grateful ❤️ for the many unexpected benefits I have gained in addition to weight loss. I have more weight to release, but I am on a stable, sustainable path to life long health and expect to be close my goal weight by the end of this month for my birthday 🥳 . 
I have not been able to participate in the calls, but I have been inspired and appreciate all that others have shared and I have been reading the Facebook post and tried many of the recipes. 
I plan to do winter and spring ratio 3/4 until I reach my goal weight for now. I am conscious and aware of food choices reading labels and focusing on categories of essential, occasional and no more. I have put sugary drinks and dairy below the line. I put more attention towards valuing my me and my body. 
With this plan, I look forward to having fortitude, health and energy to physically and mentally engage with my grandchildren. 

Thanks for this wonderfully well organized, incredibly informative, supportive, caring, easy, fun, uplifting, practical life-changing experience. I will miss you all, but feel more prepared to manage myself and my family. I love, adore and appreciate the enormous commitment you all have made to change the world and I value what you do. THANK YOU I plan to be WILDFIT for life!

Marshe Hamilton

Insurance Agent

Richton Park, United States

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