“Every time I thought of the next adventure: it became a reality”
The M Word

“Every time I thought of the next adventure: it became a reality”

The M word did change my life. Listening to the calming voice of Emily every morning at 5 AM was simply amazing. I had tried in the past to meditate, yet found roadblocks that she busted through. I have shared with many friends and they find it so easy to follow and start a practice also.
I have a blessed and awesome life. I am my biggest fan. I'm outgoing and love people. Every time I thought of the next adventure: it became a reality. So my mission was to go to Bullet Proof, meet Dave and get him to my clinic in Utah. Did that, and in meantime heard about being Extraordinary. 
Read that, boom.... start meditating....bending reality....what is MY REALITY? I am at the top of my game on the cutting edge of sexy medicine. I have 2 awesome cars, fabulous condo in Park City, Utah. And I'm feeling it is time to leave.
My whole life has been making sure everyone around me is successful, happy, making their dreams come true. My business partner calls me the divorce coach because I help everyone else let go of their shit. So now it's time for me. Can't do it!
So I take the time for 6 phase meditation. I give notice, sell everything, retire from all that I know and am on an Adventure Sabbatical for Me! Mindvalley led me to M word which helped focus on Meditation for Me.
M word led me to Mindvalley Reunion in San Diego and some of the most beautiful, giving beings I have seen. 
I listen to Lisa - GREAT, I'm gonna be an inspirational speaker!
I meet Donna in the elevator- GREAT, I need to get back into energy work and healing.
I listen to Jeffrey- GREAT, I'm pretty spiritually fit and see auras all over the room and feel the energy!
Return home. Currently on Christie Marie Quest -BAM, WOW, cutting cords, moving energies, letting go of shit.....INTENSE....
So THANK YOU Mindvalley for making all these great spirits available to the average Joe!! I am moving positively forward and am okay with it!

Dixie Johnson

United States

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