"Now I recall my dreams at least 50% of the nights"

Before this quest I had repeated issues recalling things, and never remembered my dreams. Now I recall my dreams at least 50% of the nights, and recall previous conversations with additional details.

Dean Wehsels

Solution Architect

Phoenix, United States

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"I feel limitless"

Now, I have better self-confidence, better memory, and a better lifestyle. I feel limitless and having Superbrain regardless of my focus issue which I am improving using small baby steps progress techniques. Thanks a lot for rebuilding my visualization and imagination superpower.
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Salem Kassem


Edmonton, Canada


"I am using the tools on a daily basis"

I struggled with self management. I have learnt to Make a list and stick to it for 30 days, using all the tools I learnt from this 30 day course. I realized I did not consentrate to listen, my mind was to busy, since I changed that habit I remember so much more. I am using the tools on a da...
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Blanche de la Guerre


Bloemfonteini struggled with, South Africa


"I have had fun with the first memory lesson in the Superbrain course"

I work hard and I do well. However, I find that I cannot retain much of the information that I learn. I also cannot always recall the information that I need for exams.. I find this very frustrating (and makes studying the subjects purposeless). I am also one of those people that have...
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Karen Springstub

Primaray School Teacher

Sydney, Australia

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