"It made me think about my why"

"It made me think about my why"

It made me think about my why.

Erondino Nascimento

Physical therapist

Hoogvliet, Netherlands

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"All the new techniques that I have learned are very helpful"

Before this program, I had a lot of self doubt. Telling myself that I was no good and always getting down on myself for very little things. I had a brain aneurism when I was 12 years old, I had to relearn how to do everything that I can do today. One of my biggest problems was memory. Som...
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Austin Amabisco


Citrus Heights, United States


"The awareness and mental consciousness this quest gave me are invaluable"

I learned to pay attention and focus more, I learned extremely valuable tips to remember things, like names and numbers who are super useful for me in my everyday life. I believe what was even more important is the commitment for the 30 days who give you enough time...
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Francesco Biviano

Financial Planner & Analytics

Bern, Switzerland


"I'm grateful for all these great limitless methods & techniques"

When I first started, I was really doubting myself. After two years out of university, I had already started forgetting content that I had learned, which really started to annoy & disturb me. So I decided to begin this Quest to learn how to retain any knowledge that I've learnt for the in...
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Michael Malek


Gold Coast, Australia

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