"Thank You Jeffrey, thanks to all participants"

Although Spirituality per se does not seem to be very tangible, through the wonderful lessons of Jeffrey Allen I gained insight, was presented with lots of tools to use on a day to day basis. I adopted the habit of grounding myself, others and places gaining a new balance and tranquility... a general feeling that "...every little things gonna be alright". 

This meant that I was able to keep a clear mind amidst the Corona crisis & fundamental changes at work ... At a time where we were all feeling depleted, tired & sad I asked if I could make a mini-road-show for my colleague therapists about how I could see the way each of us fitted as pieces in a puzzle energy-wise & how these differences in energy level, age & experience is exactly what make us work so well as a group. We even shared a grounding- & meditation-experience that went very well and it is something I expect we will continue one way or the other.
 -Thank You Jeffrey, thanks to all participants.. I cherish our journey together... To be continued ;)

Ulla K.J Protopapa

Occupational Therapist, Neurology , Sensory Integration children and adults.

Soborg, Denmark

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"I'm very excited to open my potential"

Beginning this program, I feel energized by being proactive with my spiritual quest, this program appears to be very doable and I am confident I can be disciplined to activate it. I'm very excited to open my potential.
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Celia Barnett

Insurance Agent CSR, Weller Insurance

Lake Stevens, United States


"I have a friend that recommended me the duality program, she looks amazing after a couple of week"

I have to start the program, so I not really have a story to tell, but I have a friend that recommended me the duality program, she looks amazing after a couple of week. She is positiver and somehow she shines.
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Graziella Ambrosio

lic. phil I Psychology

Arth, Switzerland


"These were all things I have learned so far with this quest"

My husband had a diagnostic test done today for his back, and he couldn’t eat or drink three hours beforehand, and he always gets nervous and sick with any kind of medical treatment. With Covid going on I couldn’t go with him for support. So when he left I sat down and grounded myself, h...
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Krishna Gurr

At home mom

Riverton, United States

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