"This course and it gave me valuable insights into myself"
Conscious Uncoupling

"This course and it gave me valuable insights into myself"

Before this program I was going through a breakdown in a relationship and life. I was lost, hurting, sad, rejected, and this course found me. 
I did this course and it gave me valuable insights into my self. It helped with dealing with pain. It helped to ease some pain and also see myself, the breakdown in a different way. This was huge as otherwise left to my own devices to heal I would have most probably never or it would have taken me longer to understand myself. 
This course sped up the reflecting and understanding me, my actions - my behavior in this breakdown but also in my life. I had started a journey (dabbling in it) prior to the breakdown of self-reflection anyway which is why this course came into my life. But I was driven to do this course, every day and complete it. It helped. 
Katherine is so wise and soothing and I know her help was a blessing otherwise I would be in a slower recovery mode and maybe also in a different recovery mode if I hadn’t learnt what I learnt during that course. Since then I am doing more Mindvalley courses having purchased All access pass.

Nicci Ghotra


London, United Kingdom

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Conscious Uncoupling

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Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Conscious Uncoupling

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Professor in UFPB - João Pessoa - PB

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Mark Pickett

Altadena, CA, United States

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