"I have understood the importance of realising how we show up in the world"
Conscious Uncoupling

"I have understood the importance of realising how we show up in the world"

Before this programme I was stuck in a place of anger and resentment. I was ashamed at how disempowered I felt despite all the work I had already done on myself. After the course, I felt at peace and that I was a powerful, capable woman. I have understood the importance of realising how we show up in the world. I feel such a shift that I have decided to do the training to become a Conscious Uncoupling Coach. I want to help others find peace and give their families the best chance at finding harmony.

Dympna Donnan

Tai Chi /Qi Gong teacher

Redon, France

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Conscious Uncoupling

"I have faith this program will serve as the building blocks of rebuilding a foundation of pouring in the gold"

Before this program I assumed I would be locked into codependent relationships with reactionary tendencies as many of my past relationships have reflected such toxicity. Too often, I have neglected my sense of self and lost personal empowerment. My last relationship involved trauma bondin...
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Michelle Pawlowski

Marketing Specialist

St Louis, United States

Conscious Uncoupling

"I hope that by the end of the Quest, I can find myself already stepping outside the new door in my life knowing who I truly am"

Today is my day1 for this program, and it has been over a year since I started to feel that something was going on with me to be ex-husband and separated but most beloved kids. I am in the middle of the mitigation, and my mind is blocked for now and not wanting to understand what transfo...
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

Conscious Uncoupling

"Through the steps of Conscious Uncoupling, I was finally able to free myself from the pain"

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Noelle Davis

Austin, TX, United States

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