"I gained strength, improved tremendously in cardio, even though I wasn't running in the program"

I've done my research on how to most effectively use my time in the gym and this style of super slow resistance training came up time and time again as the best option. I had been a Crossfiter for years and was looking to breaking into something new and had plateaued after a few yrs of 6x's a week of Crossfit and took a year break. This program got me expired about lifting again!

I gained strength, improved tremendously in cardio, even though I wasn't running in the program. I noticed much faster gains in strength than Crossfit and it develops a much leaner muscular look for females than I saw in Crossfit when I had a wide back and huge lats and delts yet I am much stronger 

Don't wait! Breathe slowly and methodically to help you get through the time. Focus on just that exercise when you're doing it and you'll build grit and have an increase in mental toughness....just don't stop when it first gets tough....push through and you'll feel amazing afterwards! Get ready to see lean, defined muscles!


Military Officer

Washington, DC, United States

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Louise Booth


Sydney, Australia


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Lawrence Tuazon


Fukuoka, Japan


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Marcelo Côrtes Fernandes

Business strategist

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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