"Three weeks into the program I stopped taking my over the counter antacid medicine. I had been taking that for 20 years"

Before this program I had struggled with my weight and health for years. I had continued to gain weight, despite running on a regular basis (I actually trained for and ran 5 marathons and numerous smaller races over a 7 year period). 
My blood pressure had gone up to where I need medication and I developed sleep apnea to where I need a CPAP machine to sleep each night. I had tried many other "weight loss" programs, but nothing worked long term. Also, because of my added weight and inflamation, I was unable to continue running because of bad, sore knees. I knew that my contiued weight gain was going to take years off my life. It has already started to take away some of the activities that I loved. I watched the introductory class on Wildfit and something about the way Eric talked about the program made sense. I knew I needed to fix my nutrition in order to get my health right. I believed in what he was saying so I committed to the program, hoping some quick results would keep me motivated. I have to confess, once I set my mind to it, I really did not relapse or fall off the program for the full 90 days. 

Maybe because it was gradual, or maybe because I just believed in the process and could count small victories nearly every week, I was hooked from day 1. 

As I continued to cut out the "bad" foods or habits I had lived with for so many years, my body strated to respond and I began to feel more energetic and better than I had in so long. 

Three weeks into the program I stopped taking my over the counter antacid medicine. I had been taking that for 20 years, every day, to prevent heartburn. Inside of three weeks I stopped it (yes, after consulting my Dr.) and I have not had ANY heartburn in the past 3 1/2 months! 

More results - During the 90 days of the program I released 25lbs of weight. In the last 9 days, since the program ended, I have released another 5 for a total of 30lbs so far. I have another 15lbs that I would like to release so I will continue to cycle in and out of "deep spring" until I hit my weight goal of 185 lbs. I estimate that I will be there within the next 30 to 45 days. You will learn about eating in "seasons" during the program. 

Most importantly, you will learn how YOU can dictate what season you want to be in and for how long. Control - this is what this program is all about. Medically - I went for a check up with my sleep doctor yesterday. 
My blood pressure was 116/68 - It has not been that low in over 10 years! He also told me that when I hit my goal of 185 lbs, we will do another sleep test and most likely be able to get me off the CPAP machine. That was my true motivation to stick with this plan for the full 90 days. 
Healthy life - Since freeing myself of the foods that were causing inflamation and other problems, my body has responded. I no longer have knee pain. 

I am lifting weights (10X quest!) and walking and riding a bike pain-free. When I hit my 185 lb. goal I sill start to run short distances to truly test the knees. 
I have so much energy now (I no longer drink coffee or any caffeine) and I no longer have that morning or mid-afternoon "fog" that always seemed to grip me where I always ran for another cup of coffee. 

Everyone who has seen me comments on how good I look and I now have to get all new clothes because nothing I have been wearing still fits me! Sustainable - When I first started to make all of these food changes, even my closest family felt that it would not be sustainable. 

Now that I am nearly 4 months into my "new lifestyle" they see how the changes have impacted me and they have accepted that this IS the new me. 
Also, some of them have started to look at what they are eating and cleaning up thier diets as well! I have totally kicked the cravings that use to drive me. I now chose what I eat and when. I feel in complete control, I am never going back to those old ways of just eating anything that was available. 
Real-world application - I know people think that it is too hard to eat completely healthy when you travel or have to be on the go. I agree that society, food companies and marketing folks do not make it easy. 
There have been a few times where I felt literally stuck in the middle of nothing but junk "food" (it's not really food when it has such low nutritional value and is 75% chemicals). It does take preparation, however, most good restaurants will accommodate your needs. The ones that won't simply no longer get my business. Plus, once you gain control and put SOLID nutrition into your body you will not longer always be hungry. I can go a full day with just water and maybe a healthy snack of a few nuts and NEVER get hungry. 

Four months ago, if you told me that, I would have told you that you were nuts! Trust me, you can get there. It is where we were made to be. If you have read this far then you are on the verge of making a decision about your health and life. 

You can choose health or you can simply continue down the path you are on. It has to be up to you to want to begin, however, this program and the community involved will help you through this quest. If you are truly ready for a lasting change - you have found the right place.

Bob Perry

Sales Manager - Delta Faucet Company

New Bedford, United States

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