"My sugar level is now normal and I am off medication"

I thank my coach Tia, Wildfit Support team and my tribe members who stuck close together in this journey !! 

I feel more energetic and my goal to have fitness that helps me rather than obstruct me in achieving my life goals has been met. 

During the 13 week period, I released 17 inches and 9 1/2 kg. I plan to release 15-20 kgs more , over 3-4 months period to move to Wildfit category 1. 

My sugar level is now normal and I am off medication. 
I was for the first time able to undertake water fast for 2 days without breaking a sweat !! ( I could have continued to Day 3 but my doctor advised against it as my sugar level had dropped ) I attribute it to the coaching and support provided. 

I learned to handle mental aspect... how to be alert to manipulations of the food devil, role of stress in not releasing fat and toxins, baby steps in weaning away from non-functional food, week by week ..this training was as crucial to implement smoothly transitioning to a healthier diet that meets core needs for water and nutrition, switching to fat as a more efficient source of energy, preparing the body for fasting, emphasis on eating functional food that meets body's demands over the puritan approach to blacklist certain foods... which scare the mind. 
Thank you Wildfit team

Sanjay Agarwal

Business Consultant, Trainer

Chennai, India

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